Dubai Police confirm wild animal spotted in residential community


Dubai - Video of animal in villa garden goes viral; police ask residents to exercise caution.

By Sahim Salim

Published: Wed 19 May 2021, 1:37 AM

The Dubai Police have confirmed that a wild animal has been spotted in a residential community. They said the authorities concerned are taking all measures to minimise any potential danger to people posed by the animal seen in The Springs 3 community.

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Residents of the community are in a state of panic after claims of a 'jaguar' being on the loose went viral. A video that is doing the rounds shows a big cat in what looks like the garden of a villa.

The Dubai Police said late on Tuesday: "Trained professionals are currently conducting an extensive search to locate and capture the animal."

Authorities advised members of The Springs community to exercise "all necessary caution".

The police also warned that bringing any kind of wild animal into a public environment is strictly prohibited under the Emirate’s laws. "Violators can face a jail term of up to six months in addition to severe financial penalties."

The police urged the public to call 901 if they spot the animal.

Residents of The Springs 3 said they spotted Dubai officials in the community, looking for the big cat.

Meanwhile, social media groups were abuzz with the news.

“Just spoke to my friend … she said the whole Emaar team is at Springs 3 and still searching for the jaguar,” a concerned resident posted on a community WhatsApp group.

Another was concerned that the big cat on the loose was a safety scare with children and pets roaming about.

Residents said security guards in the community and Dubai officials have teamed up to look for the big cat.

A resident said security guards have asked residents to “be careful”.

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