Why residents of this Dubai community violate rules

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Why residents of this Dubai community violate rules

Dubai - Finding parking space in the night is no less than a nightmare, say residents

By Sana Altaf

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Published: Tue 25 Oct 2016, 6:46 AM

Last updated: Tue 25 Oct 2016, 2:47 PM

The residents of Al Khail Gate maintain they regularly violate parking rules and are forced to cough up fines due to the unending parking woes.
While parking their vehicles isn't much of a problem during the day, they say finding parking space in the night is no less than a nightmare for the residents. 
Residents find themselves going around in circles looking for an empty slot, giving up the search and finally ending up parking their cars on pavements or even on the road itself - only to find a fine the next morning. 
They claim that, sometimes, they are forced to park their vehicles several blocks away from their apartments. 
Some of the residents who spoke to Khaleej Times said they have repeatedly brought the issue to the notice of the community management who have promised a solution - but it's just remained a promise so far. 
Sajad Ahmad, who has lived in Al Khail Gate for seven years, said there seems to be more cars than the residents in the community. He recalls a time when he was amongst the early residents in Al Khail. 
"At that time, there were only a few people residing here because the rent was considered very high. As more people have started moving in, the number of cars has outnumbered the number of people," he says. 
He adds that a growing number of abandoned cars in the community parking lot is compounding the issue. 
"Sometimes, relatives of the residents park their cars here while they travel to their home country or elsewhere so that it can be watched over. Those vehicles occupy space for months," he claims. 
To cater to the problem, Dubai Properties, which manages the community, had come up with the plan of allotting parking spaces according to the apartment size. Subsequently, one slot would be allotted for one bedroom, two spaces for two-bedroom flat and so on. 
"But so far nothing has been done." 
While talking about the issue, Assistant Property Manager for the Al Khail Gate said there is a plan in the pipeline for allotting parking slots. However he was unable to offer a timeline for the execution of the plan. 
"We have the plan in the pipeline but when that shall be executed cannot be said," James told Khaleej Times. 
Dubai Properties spokesperson added that the developer is aware of the parking issues being experienced by residents, and is continuously working towards a resolution. 
"Extra parking spaces have been made available on an ongoing basis through converting empty areas of the development, and parking notices have been arranged to inform users of the community that spaces are reserved for tenants only. We would like to assure all our residents that we are committed to providing a solution to this issue." 
"My husband comes home from work around 10pm or so. He never gets a parking slot, and so has to park on road. Only last week he got fined." 
Amina, another resident, said three members of her family got fined so far for wrong parking. "My son comes home at 11pm. After a long parking hunt from one block to another, he often has to park his car near on pavement or road. He gets fined." Sometimes, parking slots are fully booked as early at 7pm, residents say. 
Renting of apartments to commercial establishments seems to have added to the problem. Besides, say residents, outsiders also park their cars, trucks and other vehicles in the community. 
"There is no way to identity which car belongs to a resident of Al Khail Gate. So, anyone can park his/her vehicle here," says Manish, another resident. He suggests that authorities should come up with some sort of ID/sticker for the vehicles of the residents. 
"If only outside vehicles are disallowed to park, a lot of problem will be solved." He revealed that one of his friends relocated from Al Khail Gate only due to the parking problems.

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