Serial rapist arrested after sting operation

An Arab illegal immigrant has been arrested by Abu Dhabi Police for attacking women at knifepoint before raping them in fire exit stairways at their residential buildings.

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Nissar Hoath

Published: Wed 30 Jan 2013, 8:47 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 4:06 AM

According to Abu Dhabi Police, the serial rapist’s modus operandi would see him hunt for women after midnight and then follow them to their residential building elevators: “In the elevators, he, with a knife, used to threaten and beat them badly before taking them to the stairways...” said Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammed Bu Rashid, Director of Criminal Investigation at Abu Dhabi Police.

The official, without elaborating on the days and months of the crimes, also said the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) had received four reports about the 30-year-old suspect, identified as M.A., attacking women and raping them recently.

“Most of his victims were Asian women aged between 26 and 30 returning late (at) night from work. We have received four consecutive reports with similar descriptions from women that led to his arrest by an investigative team from the department,” said Colonel Bu Rashid.

The official further added that the criminal would threaten to harm the victims’ family members if they did not follow him to the stairway.

In reference to the arrest, Colonel Bu Rashid said, after collecting thorough information and details about the incidents and the suspect, a team was formed to trap him in a similar staged incident.

“We laid a trap for him where we were all prepared ... for his arrest, red-handed, with all our officers watching him while he followed a woman to a residential building. (This is) where we arrested him with the weapon he used in his crimes. Now he has been referred to the prosecution with further investigation underway,” he explained.

Colonel Bu Rashid further advised residents to immediately report to the police if they suspect anyone committing such crimes in their neighbourhoods.

He said: “This crime was a surprise for us, because the city of Abu Dhabi, with the professional security arrangements, has never witnessed such cases.

“It is one of the rare cases that happen, so residents should not be worried, but be vigilant against such criminals and report them to the police without loss of time.”

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