Eman can now eat by herself: Burjeel Hospital

Eman can now eat by herself: Burjeel Hospital

Abu Dhabi - She has also been steadily losing weight.

By Anjana Sankar

Published: Mon 29 May 2017, 3:55 PM

Eman Abdul Atti, once considered the world's heaviest woman and now under treatment in Abu Dhabi, is able to take food by mouth for the first time since three months, according to doctors.
The improvement is significant for the bed-ridden Egyptian woman, who reportedly weighed 176kgs when she was airlifted from Mumbai's Saifee Hospital to Abu Dhabi on May 5, for further treatment.
"We started with few spoons every day now achieving 15 spoons and expected to be twice per day soon. The other good news is that Eman is taking currently and for the last two days half of her meal by herself," read a joint statement issued by Dr. Yassin Al Shahat (CMO of Burjeel Hospital), Dr. Nehad Halawa (Head of treating team) and Ms. Shaima AbdulAti (Sister of Eman).
This is the second medical update from Burjeel Hospital since Eman's arrival to the UAE capital.
The statement also said that Eman's mother has arrived on May 28, Sunday, to the UAE from Egypt, and "she was impressed by the good changes happened to her daughter's health condition since her arrival from India."
Her doctors at Burjeel also claims that the patient has achieved significant improvement in psychological condition and is reacting positively to surroundings.
"We can see her smiling, watching TV and communicating with visitors. Speech and voice are clearing steadily as per the speech therapist and family observation."
According to them, since last two weeks, Eman has also started some movement in the lower limbs, which never happened for more than two years after she had a stroke. Right side arm power is becoming almost normal. She is able to sustain sitting position in the bed unsupported for the short time span of 10-15 minutes.
"We modified the antiepileptic and anticoagulation medications to use more advanced medications as per the latest international guidelines. In addition, we have also tapered off steroid therapy, which she doesn't need as per intensive investigations.
Her EEG done yesterday is normal, and nerve conduction study gives hope for further improvement," said the doctors in the medical update.
Eman's bedsores have also improved under the supervision of consultant plastic surgeon. "She is also losing weight steadily using strict low calorie diet under supervision of dietician,"
Since Eman reached Burjeel Hospital, a team of more than 20 health care professionals has put in a treatment plan divided into three stages. The stage 1 short-term plan included treatment of UTI, bedsores rehabilitation, speech therapy and psychological support.
In Stage two, doctors will continue continue whatever started in stage one, especially rehabilitation. "By the end of this stage, we expect that Eman can feed herself by mouth and use an electric wheel chair after achieving a reasonable weight loss by strict diet regimen," said the doctors.
In Stage three, which is the long-term plan after the patient stabilizes, doctors at Burjeel said they will conduct corrective surgeries for lower limbs, plastic surgery for redundant skin and possible aortic valve replacement.
Eman's family also thanked Burjeel Hospital management and the media for respecting her privacy and extending all support to her.

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