Do aliens exist? Children in UAE learn about the possibilities


Do aliens exist? Children in UAE learn about the possibilities
The three-day Science Made Fun worksop, being held at ADNEC, included several activities for the young ones.

Children learn about the cosmos at Abu Dhabi event.

By Sarwat Nasir

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Published: Sat 13 May 2017, 7:18 PM

Last updated: Sun 14 May 2017, 11:04 AM

Children in Abu Dhabi were taught about the possibilities of extraterrestrial life at the Children and Parents World.
The three-day event, being held at ADNEC, included several activities for the young ones - science experiment and astronomy workshops, as well as play areas for kids were some among many.
About 15 children took part in the workshop where they were taught about the mysteries of deep space, the various wonders of the cosmos and the possible existence of aliens.
"There are all kinds of possibilities of what's in the deep space. There could be black holes, worm holes and other universes which hold extraterrestrial life," the workshop teacher told the kids.
Alien sightings have been reported in the UAE before. At least four to five get reported each year, according to the Dubai Astronomy Group.
Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri, CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, commented on a UFO sighting in Dubai last year. "Yearly, we get four or five enquiries about UFOs, the approach we take is that first we gather all of the information and then we make a deep analysis of the photo and there is always a camera glitch that explains why the 'object' is there," he said.
"There was a complex case that we received. There was a tricky situation where we were sent a photo taken by two men over the western horizon of the UAE. The picture was taken in such a manner that it was almost believable that it was a UFO. But after deep analysis, we concluded that it was just a camera glitch."
Children at the event, which took place from May 11 to May 13, also learned how to make their own slime and blow them into balloons.
Kamal Mohammed, the teacher of the Science Made Fun workshop, said: "Kids learn science in school but when they do the experiments themselves it sticks in their minds."
Science Made Fun is a group that offers science-themed birthday parties and also get invited to schools.
"There are hundreds of experiments that we teach the kids to do. There are chemistry and dinosaur experiments for example," he said.
During the workshop at the Children and Parents World, the kids also learned how to make a volcano - by combing baking soda with vinegar.
The event also featured different zones, including the Baby, Children and Mother Care Goods, Education Zone, Mother Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Health and Well Being, Food and Beverage and Character Zone.
Alongside the Children and Parent's World, the Lifestyle exhibition was also taking place, which held fashion shows and
Saturday is the last day of the event.

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