Get knotty with scarves

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Here's how to make the accessory your warmest companion.

By Farhana Chowdhury

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Published: Fri 4 Dec 2020, 1:25 PM

Last updated: Sun 6 Dec 2020, 3:29 PM

'Tis the season for boardwalks and outdoor dining spots, but brr, these evenings can turn into a chilly event. Men, rather than slipping on a jacket, upgrade your wardrobe with a scarf for some functional style.

Scarves are meant to be fuss-free, so that when you step back into warm indoors, it shouldn't be a struggle to take off or secure it back on. Choosing one isn't rocket science and a monotone shade - such as charcoal black, navy blue or maroon red - is versatile and matches most outfits and seasons.

Here are three manly knot styles:

The Parisian

If you're new to the game but want to impress your friends, then opt for a Parisian knot. Also known as the snug tug, it's toasty and works best with fabric that's about 70 inches long. Simply fold the scarf in half, then place the bundle around your neck. Take the two free ends and slip it through the loop. Adjust to secure. This works with all types of fabrics, including wool and cashmere.

The Overhand

This one is a simple front knot that has a neat finish. Place the scarf around your neck, but make sure one side is three quarters is placed in a way that it sits longer than the other side. Take the long part and cross it over the short piece then loop it in from underneath. The best part is that this knot does not have to be perfect, and you can adjust it however you desire.

The Four-in-hand

If you're ready to graduate to the next level of wearing a scarf then here's a challenge. Firstly, the four-in-hand is a bulkier knot, so opt for light fabrics like cashmere or cotton. Now for the tricky bit. Fold the scarf like the Parisian knot but instead of looping both free ends, you slip one in and pull. Twist the loop then slip the other free end into the new slot. Pull to secure.

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