Schools and Streets Cups gaining pace

Schools and Streets Cups gaining pace
Players from LFIGP and Al Khaleej Nation vie for the ball.

Dubai - The winners from the boys U14 and girls U17 categories will travel to Manchester.

In the second week of Dubai group stages, teams from across the Emirate entered another round of fierce competition in the final qualification round at the du Football Champions (duFC), featuring the nation's official Schools and Streets Cup.
Suspense and excitement were at an all time high at The Sevens, which played host to scores of matches played on 11 pitches, with each team eager to outmaneuver the competition and win a place in the finals.
The second week saw suspense soaring to an all-time high as girls and boys teams who had won in the first week fought to secure their position, while their rivals strived hard to keep their chances alive.
In the Schools Cup boys U16 category, Philadelphia Private School, National Charity School Dubai and Salman Farsi Dubai schools came well-prepared and determined to win their games and make it to the final round.
In the boys U14, the teams from French School (LFIGP), Adab Iranian School and Raffles world academy captivated the onlookers with their fast-paced, energetic and technical skills.
The girls U17 category was witness to some of the toughest matches of the day as 20 teams played their second round of matches playing great football with many outstanding players showing their fans, friends and families their commitment and passion for the game.
Teams looking strong at this stage include the French School (LFIGP), The German International School, Jumeirah Baccalaureate School and Philadelphia School.
The winners from the boys U14 and girls U17 categories will travel to Manchester where they will receive a day of training in the English style of football led by Manchester United coaches courtesy of Chevrolet.

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