Designer Varoin Marwah talks style in Dubai ahead of Fashion Week 2021 participation

Marwah spoke about the city's fashion transformation.

By Husain Rizvi

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Photos: Supplied
Photos: Supplied

Published: Tue 14 Dec 2021, 5:43 PM

From the early age of 18, every experience has been extremely valuable for Varoin Marwah, a Dubai-based fashion designer who is at the apex of his career. “Everything I did, helped shape me into the person I am today,” Marwah shared in a conversation with City Times, stating that there were no “rookie mistakes” when he started out.

Marwah believes fashion is a state of mind. His biggest inspiration? Meeting people and travelling. “My emotions guide my designs and meeting people and travelling adds colour to my life and designs,” Marwah said.

Marwah, originally from India, started his journey at JD School of Fashion Design, Delhi. Now, he is all set to showcase his artistic impressions at the UAE’s first-ever Fashion Week 2021. The three-day event will throw the spotlight on various local and international designers who will showcase their fashion prowess.

The celebrated designer boasts of being a globetrotting couturier. With a keen eye for trends and classics, Marwah is also a favourite among celebrities. Many Bollywood stars including Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan have flaunted Marwah’s designs.

In our conversation, Marwah speaks all things fashion.

How is working in fashion different today than from when you started out?

Fashion is forever evolving and so the business model has changed drastically. Now things are far easier and a lot can be done digitally. I enjoy this change and it makes everyone’s work so much easier. I connect with my clients around the world and am able to reach out to different markets conveniently.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

A huge role. Today, a lot of my work, I can say, has happened because of social media. I would give social media 50 per cent credit for my success as because of social media I have a reach that would have never happened without it.

What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Do exactly the same as I did. I did various things in life without thinking of the end result and I can proudly say I own up to every action in my life and it’s helped me to reach wherever I am today.

What is your favourite part about being a designer?

Being a part of people’s lifetime memories. Designing outfits for special occasions like weddings make you so close to the client and you end up becoming a part of their family memories forever.

Since you are based in Dubai, what are your thoughts on blending Middle Eastern and global styles?

Love it. The world is one big city now hence the fashion is forever merging various cultures and styles. I love the twist I and various designers bring to Arab attire. I love to see so many men experimenting with clothes in this region.

How do you want people to feel wearing clothes designed by you?

Like a star. Super comfortable and happy. As long as they are happy my job is done. I can almost tell every time a client is happy or not with anything, and I don’t leave any stone unturned till they walk out wearing my creation happy. For me, client satisfaction is far more important than my creative satisfaction.

Growing up, what was it like seeing Dubai’s fashion scene transform?

It’s similar to the city. Futuristic and forever getting stronger. Fashion here is known to be bold and on point. People on the streets, and at malls, are all dressed up with the best of best and have fun dressing up. I have for sure enjoyed being surrounded by so many fashionistas and it’s kept me on the go.


Best dressed celeb: David Beckham.

Celeb fashion blooper: — Over-accessorising especially for women, balance is key.

Your fashion pet peeve: Screaming logos.

All-time fav design of yours: A blue suit I designed for Ranveer Singh for the Dubai International Film Festival.

Your inspiration: Places and people.


Fashion Week 2021 will be held at The Arena, IMG Worlds of Adventure from December 16-18. This immersive fashion experience offers an exceptional line-up — Rabia Z and Ameera Ahli (House of IKAT), Angelo Estera, Varoin Marwah, Behnoode, Atelier Zuhra, Nivedita Saboo, Rocky S, Victor Closet, Limak by Kamil, Lara Fashion, Nomi Ansari, and Amato by Furne One.

Highlights from other designers:

Atelier Zuhra (Rayan Alsulaimani)

Atelier Zuhra is known for its sheer elegant thoughts, high-end couture, outstanding quality and artistic designs. Rayan says, “Our collections are unique, luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. We work on each and every detailing to make our designs empirical yet breathtaking. Fashion has always been about setting new trends and dictating the flow of creativity.

"We are now introducing nearly 40 new ready to wear gown collections based on current trends. In the world of glamour, fashion shows hold a remarkable significance. Many fashion designers contemplate fashion shows as the most precious part of their careers. Because of fashion shows their popularity has risen dramatically. We are really proud to be one of the brands that stand out in Fashion Week 2021.”


Behnoode is a brand dedicated to philanthropy and art. It promotes artists by incorporating their art work onto jackets. All proceeds from sales go to the Behnoode charity foundation to build schools in Nepal, Iran and Africa. Founder Behnood Javaherpour says, “I’m doing something very unique for this Fashion week. My brand will be incorporating Augmented Reality into my show. I’m supporting this Fashion Week as I believe in the vision of the organisers. We are all a community of artists that need to support each other. The theatrical aspect of the shows is what I find inspiring.”

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari takes inspiration from every day surroundings and turns it into something beautiful, distinct, and out-of-the-box. He says, “Classic design elements like floral and geometric layouts come together in our designs with our signature style to make our ensembles pop. Our Autumn/Winter 2021 Wedding Wear campaign is another testament to our brand ethos, with eye catching, vibrant ensembles that are wearable while being unique. In terms of silhouettes we are showcasing timeless lehengas and cholis, with different bridal dupattas, embellished richly with plenty of intricate hand work and accentuated with our signature prints.

"For menswear we have our signature printed waistcoats complimented with matching kurtas, and accessorised with our new range of minimal shawls. It’s always important for any artist, designer or brand to expand their horizons and display their creations across the globe. An opportunity to showcase in UAE, a country that is not only close to our home base but also holds so many similarities in terms of culture, is an honour.”

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