Revealed: UAE among top countries for remote working

Dubai - Dubai recently launched a new visa for remote working professionals.

By Waheed Abbas

Published: Sun 13 Dec 2020, 9:39 AM

Last updated: Sun 13 Dec 2020, 9:54 AM

Remote working is the new norm after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Though some destinations are still inaccessible due to travel restrictions for foreigners, but a few countries are open and welcome foreigners with open arms. The UAE is one of them.

Travel portal Lonely Planet has named the UAE among the world’s top 10 countries for remote working, thanks to city-wide WiFi, sunny weather and multi-cultural work atmosphere.

Importantly, Dubai recently launched a programme that enabled overseas remote working professionals to live in the emirate while continuing to serve their employers in their home country.

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The move provides remote workers - and their families - the opportunity to relocate on an annual basis to one of the world's leading tourism and business destinations and enjoy a safe and high-quality lifestyle underpinned by a strong digital infrastructure that provides seamless connectivity.

Below are the top 10 countries for remote working professionals released by Lonely Planet:

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has been chosen as one of the best destinations for remote working, thanks to its diverse population, technologically advanced infrastructure, easy availability of Wi-Fi and a wide array of entertainment facilities in Dubai and other emirates. Dubai also recently announced one-year long visa for freelancers in order to attract professionals from different countries. Dubai is also open for tourists and other foreign visitors. But they have to take PCR swab test 96 hours prior to the arrival and also undergo another PCR swab test upon arrival.


Canberra is tentatively easing travel restrictions but currently only citizens and residents can enter the country. People can rent a furnished studio in central Sydney or Perth for $1,100 and even less in Adelaide or Hobart. Internet connectivity quality is also pretty good.


Whether you’re in the big cities like Tokyo or in the far-flung urban areas, remote workers can enjoy the best quality of life in the Asian country. Wi-Fi is zippy in the cities and leisurely in the country. Average monthly rent in Tokyo is around $1,000 and $600 elsewhere.


The southeast Asian country has coped with the pandemic very well, restricting foreign travellers despite the fact that it relies heavily on tourism. Thanks to its white sandy beaches and delicious street food, Thailand is one of the top rated countries by remote workers. Average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is just $260.


Georgia is also considered an affordable and safe place for remote workers. Remote workers, or freelancers, are allowed from certain countries – around 95 – and earn at least $2,000 (Dh7,340) a month. People flying into Georgia will have to quarantine on arrival. Of late, Georgia has been a popular destination among the UAE residents for tourism.


The South American country offers digital nomads an easy residency process, affordable co-working space and good internet speed. Cafes also welcome freelancers to come and enjoy cozy atmosphere and work in a peaceful environment. Uruguay is one of the least affected countries from the pandemic, hence, it has not implemented a mandatory quarantine requirement. Also, restaurants remain open to dine in.

South Africa

The African country also considered one of the best places to work remotely, thanks to a reliable Wi-Fi and high-quality but low-cost food. South Africa has kept its international border open but with travel off the cards for many, its beautiful beaches and nationals remain are crowd-free.


How about living and working remotely in one of the world’s top holiday destinations Bali and Java? Both the islands have good internet connectivity, lovely cafes and beautiful scenic beaches. Rentals are also affordable and internet cost is also economical.


The South American country is scenic, thanks to its rich amazon rainforest and a large jungle that covers one-third of the country’s area. Average monthly rent for one-bedroom apartment is US$350 and Wi-Fi speed in its major cities Medellin and Bogota is the best. But it is not great elsewhere.


Though it’s a popular country among travellers but it’s also gaining traction among remote workers. It offers visitors six-month long visas. Average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $500. While Wi-Fi speed is also decent in the country.

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