Last-minute home decor ideas for this festive season

Extend your celebrations to the weekend while keeping these tips in mind

By Reenu Mohiindrra

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Published: Thu 29 Jun 2023, 6:28 PM

Last updated: Thu 29 Jun 2023, 6:37 PM

1. Power of gold

For the special occasion, draw inspiration from cuisine to identify the main elements, colour palette and accessories you will use to style your table. Gold is obviously not to be missed. This colour can be combined with other colours, such as navy blue or muted tones, for the ultimate chic factor.

2. Fill the house with light

Without proper illumination, Eid decorations are incomplete. This celebration provides joy to people’s lives. So use strings of lights to enliven your outside space. There are many different types of lights available in the market, such as spinning bulbs, LED strings, and so on. You are free to select any option that best suits your house. The lighting will create an atmosphere and a sense of excitement for the festival.

3. Play with height

Choose from the natural handmade ceramics you already have in your possession. Mix and match your sets to create an eclectic setting. A large basic dining plate that can also double up as a base plate. Natural handmade ceramics last a lifetime so invest in them if you haven’t already. A simple way to create an impressive table is to play with layers using pieces you already have. You could turn a bowl upside down and place a plate on top.

4. Let the cuisine determine the theme

Eid food is an important element of Eid festivities. As a result, setting the table for supper is necessary. This is the day to take out your finest china and offer delectable meals to your visitors. For an additional festive feel, utilise some classic metal plates and vintage tableware. After all, the greatest serve ware is deserving of your Eid special biryani, sheer khurma, dried fruits, and desserts. You may also decorate your dining table with candles and flowers. To give the place a realistic appearance and feel, use a traditional jug and cups.

5. It’s all about the atmospheric elements

There are several atmospheric elements that should never be missing from a holiday table. These include a tablecloth or runner, napkins, candles and colourful flowers. Dried flowers can really brighten up your tables as they often feature lots of colours, which provide a cheerful touch. A top tip is to buy some extra dried flowers so you can use the small branches with a beautiful runner in your home.

6. Involve the senses

Flowers are an important part of Eid decor. They adds an unparalleled fragrance and artistic atmosphere to any environment. Display the flowers in elegant vases. You may also adorn your balcony with garlands and fairy lights to add to its richness. A wreath constructed of leaves, twigs, and flowers at the entryway with an Eid greeting is also a lovely way to greet your guests. Furthermore, these are environment-friendly and have the ability to freshen up space in a way no other element can.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Find creative ways of assembling and repurposing your kitchen ware and maybe even old art pieces. Trays can be used for dessert bowls and double up as candle holders. Other ideas include converting storage jars into fairy lights arrangement.

8. Prepare the table for the gifts

Who says gifts have to be kept in a bag? They may also be used to decorate your surroundings. Get a table and arrange the gifts on it in a creative manner. The presents can be wrapped in gleaming, sparkly packaging or held in elegant bags that add a magnificent touch to the gesture.

9. Play it up with ceramics

Dishware or dishes are quite important. The elegantly arranged table with magnificent tableware, packed with delectable and enticing food, not only adds to the house’s charm but also leaves you thoroughly satisfied.

10. Add a name to the mix

Create an individual set up for your guests by customising the napkin folding and cutlery positions. Make your guests feel special by creating takeaway elements with their names handwritten on them: the menu or even place holders made of stone or leaves.

11. Think eco décor

With some DIY Eid décor ideas, you may put your artistic and crafty skills to good use. You may build stars and crescent moons out of paper cuts, recycled natural materials and origami, thread them together, and use them as wall hangings. You may also build personalised thank-you presents for your visitors. On the entryway unit, create a return gift corner. This is a wonderful way to express your love and gratitude to your friends and family.

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