5 Ideal dog breeds to have as pets in Dubai

If you’ve been planning on adopting or getting a pet dog in Dubai, here are the top 5 breeds built for the desert heat of Dubai.


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Published: Mon 29 May 2023, 1:00 PM

Having a pet can be a source of great joy and comfort, but it is also a huge responsibility. In the UAE, there are several rules and laws in place to make sure that residents can enjoy the company of their pets without causing harm or disruptions to other residents. Dogs make for great pets as they are not only very friendly and companionable creatures, but they are also very protective.

However, not all dogs can tolerate the hot and balmy Dubai climate. If you are considering getting yourself a puppy as a pet, here are a few breeds of dogs that will thrive in the Dubai summers:

Golden Retrievers


Golden Retrievers, as the name suggests, are beautiful, shaggy-haired dogs that are very playful and intelligent. They’re very warm creatures who can be great friends to you and your family. They can weather warm climates but be warned, these dogs can grow to become quite big and require regular walks and physical exercise. Therefore, get a Golden Retriever only if you have an apartment/house big enough to accommodate them and the ability to take them for walks every day!


Beagles are dogs that are not only very good with children, but they’re also good with other dogs and can deal with temperatures upwards of 32° Celsius, making them perfect for Dubai climes. They are easy-going and happy creatures and live for up to 15 years or more. However, these dogs require constant maintenance and adequate exercise to keep them healthy.


Chihuahuas are tiny pocket-sized dogs that thrive well in the heat owing to their small bodies. Chihuahuas are “purse dogs” that are affectionate towards families, and are small and easy to maintain, making them ideal pets for urban cities like Dubai. However, if you have a toddler or child, you might want to reconsider getting a Chihuahua, as the dog might harm itself while being roughhoused by a child. They are great pets for first-time owners as they are easily trainable and very devoted.


All types of Terriers are well-suited to the warm-to-hot climate of the Dubai region. Since these breeds come with thinner furs, they fare well in heat and allow their fur to grow out to gain protection from the winter months. Since they are smaller dogs and require less exercise than retrievers and collies, Terriers are good pets to have in smaller apartments. They take very well to kids, are active, and require about an hour of exercise each day.

Border collies

If you love exercise and want a pet workout partner, Border Collies are the dogs for you. These dogs are exceptionally friendly and love kids and socialising. They can tolerate temperatures of 30° Celsius and more but need to be given plenty of water. Border Collies get along well with other dogs and cats as well. They are extremely energetic and very alert pets, require weekly brushing, and don’t need too much attention to do their own thing!

The UAE has banned the private ownership of wild, dangerous, and exotic animals as pets. Even within the category of dogs, there are 11 breeds of dogs that you are banned from keeping as pets in the UAE (unless they fulfil the legal requirements of being a service or emotional support animal).

A list of the dog breeds that you are banned from keeping as pets in Dubai:

•American Bully

•American Staffordshire Terrier

•American Pitbull Terrier

•Japanese Tosa



•Staffordshire Bull Terrier

•Doberman Pinscher

•Brazilian Mastiff

•Argentinian Mastiff

•Spanish Mastiff (Perro de Presa Canario)

•Wolf hybrids

There are multiple scientific and social benefits of having a dog as a pet. Even though it’s a great responsibility to be a pet parent, it will be entirely worth it – if only you do the necessary research and get a pet that will fare well in the region's climate.

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