10 creative tablescapes for your Eid celebrations

Lanterns, flowers, and moon decor set the mood

By Reenu Mohiindrra

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Published: Thu 20 Apr 2023, 4:42 PM

With celebrations commencing on April 21, Eid Al Fitr marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims must fast from dawn to sunset. The day of prayer and charity is typically cause for celebration, with friends and family coming together to share gifts and feasts with traditional specialties. But there's more to an Eid table than food. Lanterns, fresh flowers, and moon décor — the holiday is usually timed to the new moon after Ramadan — can incorporate the message of this holy holiday while keeping it chic.

1) Lean into warm tones

Earthy hues make a refined statement — just keep the traditional gold accents to add depth to complement the palette. Here, I chose pumpkin orange, sage green, and soft mauve to play off metallic tones while referencing traditional Eid ingredients like pistachio and rose.

2) Think outside the box

Repurpose tableware and find creative ways of assembling and repurposing your kitchen ware and even old clothes: plates on top of bowls, turn fruit bowls into candle holders, carafes into vases, storage jars into cutlery holders, denims into napkins.

3) Throw in colourful florals

Pulled from the water-coloured ceramic plates, the bold blue varies in saturation to add levels to this table setting. Kick it up a notch by pulling similar tones for accessories like napkin rings and floor pillows.

4) Trade lanterns for candles

Make a statement when celebrating outside by using candlesticks as a runner and centrepiece. Varied heights add dimension, while the glow sets the tone for your dinner. Bonus: A long candlestick holder like this one can make the setup easy.

5) Play with light

For an indoor Eid celebration, keep the candles off the table and consider LED lights for a flame-free celebration. These string lights illuminate mini wood cut-outs to add a bit of tradition to a pastel tablescape.

6) Ditch the florist for dried flowers

Dried flowers are beautiful and affordable and, best of all, they can be reused in the future for a tablescape that evolves with you every year. Gold styled with pampas and palm leaf are the perfect neutrals to let the muted colour palette shine.

7) Opt for flameless lanterns

Hang paper lanterns above the table for a throwback to traditional lantern centrepieces without the hazard. When suspended over fresh flowers, it imparts plenty of dramatic atmosphere in a smaller space.

8) Let the cuisine colour the theme

For the special occasion, draw inspiration from the cuisine to identify the main elements, colour palette and accessories you will use to style your table. Gold is obviously not to be missed. This colour can be combined with other colours such as navy blue or a muted tones for the ultimate chic factor.

9) Play with height

Choose from the natural handmade ceramics you already have in your possession. Mix and match your sets to create an eclectic setting. A large basic dining plate that can also double up as a base plate. Natural handmade ceramics last a lifetime so invest in them if you haven’t already. A simple way to create an impressive table is to play with layers using pieces you already have. You could turn a bowl upside down and place a plate on top.

10) Make it personal

Create an individual set up for your guests by customising the napkin folding and cutlery positions. Make your guests feel special by creating takeaway elements with their names handwritten on it: the menu or even place holders made of natural materials like stone, leaves and fruit.

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