UAE: New robot-assisted therapy service helps children of determination walk

The new device has the capability to boost recovery and improve quality of life


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Thu 2 Mar 2023, 7:37 PM

A new robot-assisted training device that helps patients walk has been introduced for children of determination in Al Ain.

The Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) announced the launch of the new device at its care and rehabilitation centre in Falaj Hazzaa, Al Ain.

The initiative was one in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA), becoming the second device in ZHO to be added to the one in the Smart Rehabilitation Laboratory Devices, at ZHO's headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The robot-assisted therapy enables effective and intensive training and ensures the optimal exploitation of neuro-plasticity and recovery potential.

Abdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan, ZHO's Secretary-General asserted that ZHO pays special attention to the therapy and rehabilitation service, for the increasing demand by those in need of this type of therapy.

ZHO uses advanced technology and provides different types of services to suit all cases of determination, especially children.

"We are keen to serve and facilitate our members of determination across Abu Dhabi. ZHO has launched the device in Al Ain with the aim of making the therapy sessions accessible by its members in the city," said Al Humaidan.

Eng. Thamer Al Qasimi, executive director of ECA's Special Projects and Partnerships Sector, emphasised the importance of empowering children of determination and ensuring their access to high-quality services to improve their quality of life. He affirmed the need for them to adapt to various circumstances and overcome obstacles that may stand in the way of their progress.

Moza Al Muhairi, Chair of ZHO's Al Ain Care and Rehabilitation Center said: "Six therapists from the Al Ain are trained to use the device. A survey of the needs of children with disability was carried out, priorities were set, and sessions kicked off in early January for 20 beneficiaries.

“Studies and research will be conducted and shared with ECA to review the results of using the device and benefiting from it.”

She emphasized that robotic and virtual reality devices have increasingly become a part of modern medicine, and rehabilitation is one of the areas in which robotic technology is used, especially in neurological rehabilitation, making it possible to accelerate recovery and restore functions with the help of various robotic devices when these automated technologies are used along with traditional physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques, a matter which helps recipients with better results.


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