7 reasons why you need to try organic makeup

Go minimalistic this festive season

By Nerissa Low

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The stock photo is used for illustrative purposes
The stock photo is used for illustrative purposes

Published: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 9:49 PM

Natural and long-lasting, trending and simple ­— this Eid, we’re rethinking makeup choices with a touch of kindness for your skin. Apart from acing occasion-worthy looks, the benefits of embracing organic makeup guides us to responsible beauty since it helps establish a non-toxic, cruelty-free and environment-friendly makeup routine.

Let your skin breathe

Ramadan went by in the spirit of cleansing the body, mind and soul. But wouldn’t it be great to continue with such healing lifestyle choices until they become habits? In skincare, letting your skin breathe to keep it glowing is directly associated with the products you pamper it with. That’s why non-toxic and vegan makeup products make for ideal choices.

Authentic organic makeup contains skin-benefiting ingredients that are farmed responsibly without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Even the final products are cruelty-free to ensure it stays within the framework of curating makeup without harm. Makeup laden with chemicals clogs the pores and causes toxin build-up. Whereas clean and organic makeup allows the skin to thrive in its natural beauty. The switch to organic, natural, vegan and chemical-free makeup could be gradual but essential. Clean makeup products are also safe and versatile to apply to the eyes, cheeks and lips. That they heal and nourish the skin from within while adding a glam quotient on the outside is an Eid gift for your skin.

One with nature

Eid makes for a timely opportunity to revisit lifestyle choices and embrace routines that are one with nature. Focus on restoration and rejuvenation rather than just masking the skin with chemical-laden products. Opting for a natural approach and trying out clean beauty is a dependable blend to achieve safe beauty practices. It is purity of certain sorts for the skin! Using clean, organic makeup products that enhance the beauty of your skin, and repair and nourish from within, without causing damage to your health and well-being, aligns well with the greater purpose of embracing makeup routines that mean no harm to nature.

Holistic beauty

The beauty of organic makeup choices is that they embrace a holistic approach towards beauty. While they do help in beautifying the skin’s appearance, they discretely work underneath to heal and nourish. They probably are the best beauty aids to switch and retain post-Ramadan because detoxifying and cleansing through fasting can bring about a lot of required changes in the body. Even if there are some changes like dull and pale skin and dark circles under the eye, concealing with natural makeup promises glowing skin.

Brighten up your complexion with organic makeup that works in tandem with nature to bring you a holistic beauty experience — with natural ingredients like organic oils and botanicals, the makeup products bring along anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits and are full of antioxidants. The results are simply amazing and satisfying because it feels light and breathe-easy whilst ensuring no touchups are required during the extended Eid celebrations. What’s even better is that it nourishes the skin. What may have clogged the pores with toxic chemicals undergoes healing once fed with all the organic ingredients, resulting in a holistic beauty experience.

Less is more

When it comes to makeup for Eid, this year explore keeping it simple, subtle, and natural with a hint of sophisticated glam. Just about the right streaks to highlight features and the brightening of complexion should suffice. To make your skin look naturally fresh, you can work around a colour palette of earthy tones and warm hues for the lips. Do complement such sophisticated looks with a pair of bright eyes and a dewy complexion that’ll make you feel positive and confident in your skin.

Follow these simple tips to know what will work best for festive dressing:

Natural looking skin

Since natural looks are key, a breath-easy foundation that also ensures perfect coverage without clogging the pores does the needful. Choose formulas that are infused with nature’s goodness of aloe barbadensis and rosemary extracts that heal and nourish the skin. Results? Flawless coverage that needs no touch-ups and can beautifully sail you through the day and evenings. You will love the feeling of the skin being nourished while you prep for elaborate celebrations without having to be worried about the signs of dehydration and stress. Don’t forget to do the swatch drill to choose the right shade that blends in perfectly for that all-natural look!

Moisturised and hydrated lips

Long-lasting hydration with USDA-certified organic ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil are a blessing. Club this for an earthy colour palette for intense colour that stays for hours and you will be set for an amazing Eid evening. For easy hydration on the go, a moisture burst in lip glaze is the much-needed TLC for your lips.

Organic beauty for eyes and cheeks

Mascaras do help the lashes look fuller and more natural. When done well, they open up to complement fresh looks without looking overdone. Coffee powder is an excellent natural dye that deepens the natural colour of your lashes, making them appear fuller and nourished. Pick a mascara that has natural boosters and is free from artificial colours, preservatives and fragrances so that you can do away with worrying about sensitive eyes.

Natural looks can also turn healthy looking with a touch of highly-pigmented blush. A natural flush that also gives a healthy glow with the goodness of thyme and rosemary extracts is for everyone who wants to look and feel their best.

This Eid, gift yourself cruelty-free vegan formulas, smooth applications and enhanced nourishment for glowing skin. Make the switch to an organic and toxin-free makeup routine to embrace a meaningful beauty experience that heals the skin from within.


Nerissa Low is the founder of Liht Organics

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