12 bedroom decor to create your dream space

These modern design ideas will inspire you to create your own unique space

By Reenu Mohiindrra

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Published: Thu 8 Jun 2023, 7:44 PM

Redecorate your bedroom with these inspiring colour combinations, stylish furniture ideas and beautiful finishing touches. When it comes to bedroom design, a few things to consider are the colour scheme, layout and space-saving furniture. These modern bedroom ideas will inspire you to create your dream scheme.

1. Astonish your headboard

Grand, super-sized headboard ideas have been a thing for a while now but the style is evolving. Colourful matt patterns have replaced glossy monotonal textures and shapes have become more complex. The rectangle has been superseded by curves and free-form asymmetrical pieces that are almost pieces of art in their own right. Find an upholsterer with headboard experience and discuss your ideas for shapes, sizes and fabrics before you make the order.

2. Provide the best bedroom lighting

In a modern bedroom, different levels and types of bedroom lighting ideas can help switch the mood from practical — getting ready for work, — to relaxing or reading before going to sleep. And it’s something that also needs to be considered when choosing colours. Sarah Barker from Vanrenen GW Designs thinks about functionality as well as aesthetics when selecting the right lighting for a bedroom. ‘Lighting needs to be low and atmospheric but it is important to be able to read. I am not so keen on overhead lights in modern bedrooms so we often use small wall lights next to the bed for additional attractive light.’

3. Get innovative with wallpaper

Don’t just look at bedroom wallpaper ideas for your four walls — have fun and think outside the box when designing a modern bedroom.

‘Don’t waste a scrap — there are many uses for a half roll that’s currently lying redundant,’ advises Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball. ‘Inside cupboards and interior doors are great places to start your adventure with wallpaper and will add impact to the rooms.’

4. Use the ‘fifth’ wall as a gorgeous surface

Using wallpaper on the ceiling is an effective way to add drama, and works well in rooms tucked up in the eaves. ‘Ceilings are a great way of adding another layer of interest and making a space feel smarter. All too often they are an afterthought but we make sure to consider their design potential

5. Let the art do the talking

A modern bedroom is perhaps the most private and intimate space in the home, somewhere you can truly relax and be yourself. Art, then, is particularly significant here. A favourite artwork is a classic starting point for a bedroom scheme. Make this your cue — experiment with the colours used, select two or three, then take it from there.

‘Pick one colour as a foundation — from a favourite artwork, image or piece of clothing — to form the thread that runs through the space. My number one rule is: decorate for yourself, not others — choose colours and patterns you love and you won’t go wrong.’

6. Glance to sustainable furniture

Natural wood introduces a subtle texture and pattern into a modern bedroom. Not only that but it has health-giving properties and is practical, too: lining the interiors of any wardrobes with cedar wood is good for preventing moths.

7. Establish a place for everything

A place for everything creates the foundation for a reassuring sense of order in a modern bedroom. ‘When designing bedroom storage ideas, we are always conscious of keeping practicality in mind. Built-in wardrobes and bedroom shelving ideas are vital to make every bit of space work as hard as possible and maximise the number of jeans, shoes and bags that need to be stored.’

8. Marvellous sophistication

Dark grey walls with a dusky pink velvet bed, combined with rich timber tones and brass finishes on furniture, make for a wonderfully dramatic and sophisticated bedroom. The bay window offers an abundance of natural light and the indoor hanging egg chair provides an alternative spot to sit.

9. Layer up

Layering tactile materials will add depth and interest to a bedroom scheme. This contemporary bedroom is proof of this, thanks to the dark wood flooring and industrial-style black pendant light, plus scrunchy linens and plentiful cushions in hues of dove grey, white and terracotta, which introduces grown-up comfort. The chunky rug gives a warm undertone.

10. Luxurious velvets

The secret to a luxury, hotel-style bedroom? Pairing crisp whites with royal blue. The sumptuous, rich quilted upholstery envelops this elegantly curved headboard. Finish off the look with white woodwork, a brass side table, and a paler, herringbone-effect floor that reflects light up and around. The matching dramatic blue blind creates a sleeping space that is comforting.

11. Comfortable linen

For a restful bedroom idea, team a modern, white four-poster bed with grey and mustard yellow bed linen. Natural linen is the ultimate fabric for relaxed, laid-back living — enjoy its tactile versatility in a bedroom.

12.Graceful pink

Luxurious with an understated elegance, stick to muted pinks for a grown up, but glamorous bedroom scheme. A focal point is the pale gold dressing table.

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