UAE: 8 safety tips to follow when vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road

Motorists must prioritise proper maintenance of their cars and conduct routine checks to prevent inconvenience


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Published: Tue 2 Apr 2024, 10:10 PM

UAE law enforcement authorities often share videos and awareness messages alerting residents about the dangers of flouting traffic rules and reckless driving, including distracted driving or stopping in the middle of the road.

Vehicles breaking down in the middle of the road are not an uncommon sight for UAE motorists. While several unavoidable situations could cause the breakdown, drivers must know the potential dangers of stalling traffic on busy roads and how to prevent any accident.

Motorists must prioritise proper maintenance of their cars and conduct routine pre-drive checks to prevent inconvenience. They should not neglect periodic servicing and health checks of the tyres.

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In the event of a sudden vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road, drivers should prioritise safety measures to mitigate potential risks. Here's what to do:

  • Move away from the road and use designated emergency areas.
  • Use the right shoulder of the road only in case of extreme necessity.
  • Immediately switch on hazard lights to alert other drivers of the obstruction.
  • Avoid staying inside the vehicle or on the road for your safety.
  • Exit the vehicle from the side away from traffic and stand a safe distance away from the road, preferably behind a barrier or guardrail.
  • Use a reflective warning triangle or other signalling devices at a sufficient distance to make the stalled vehicle more visible to alert other drivers.
  • Avoid attempting repairs or interventions beyond your expertise, especially on busy roads.
  • Call the emergency phone number 999 for assistance

According to UAE federal traffic laws, stopping in the middle of the road incurs a penalty of a Dh1,000 fine and six black points. Besides the fine, it can also damage the car irreparably and turn fatal.

Motorists must not get distracted while driving. Maintaining focus while driving ensures total concentration to address any vehicle malfunctions promptly. Neglecting attention in such situations could lead to traffic accidents, often resulting in fatalities and severe injuries.


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