Sharjah residents report power outage in multiple neighbourhoods; govt issues statement

Some have reportedly been stuck inside lifts for several minutes after power went out


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File photo used for illustrative purposes
File photo used for illustrative purposes

Published: Fri 25 Aug 2023, 1:47 PM

Last updated: Fri 25 Aug 2023, 10:08 PM

The power outage that hit some parts of Sharjah on Friday was due to a technical issue at the gas plant, the local government confirmed.

The competent work teams were able to quickly restore the electric current to the areas of Sharjah city after a sudden technical fault occurred that caused the non-flow of gas to the power stations.

According to a statement issued on Friday by Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA), “the specialised work teams proceeded to isolate the main valve feeding the electricity stations in Sharjah, returning gas flow through it by 80%, which contributed to the complete restoration of electricity.

“Work is also underway to address the major technical fault and restart the entire gas complex,” it added.

Residents in some parts of the emirate — including Al Majaz, Al Tawun, Abu Shagarah, Al Yarmouk and Al Nahda area — reported that their electricity was cut-off on mid-day Friday.

.“There is no power in our area for 15 minutes,” N. Malik, a resident in Al Majaz, told Khaleej Times. “Initially I thought it was a technical problem at my flat but when I checked with watchman, I found there was no electricity in our entire area."

Zameer Awan, who lives in Al Wada Street, added: “When I reached home after work, I was surprised to see no power in my building. Then I checked with the shopkeepers and they told me that there was no power in our area."

Due to the hot weather, many residents reportedly decided to go to the malls.

One resident, George, said he had gone to Zahia Mall near his office to pick up some food, but had to wait as the restaurant's oven was out of service due to the outage and their cash register could not be operated to return his money.

How residents coped

Sultan GM, who lives in Al Tawun, said he got a call from his wife at around 1.22pm, saying they had no electricity at home. “I was at Friday prayer and afterwards rang a couple of my neighbours and checked with them. There was no electricity in our entire neighbourhood, So, I had to quickly rush to pick up my wife to have our lunch in a mall along Al Wahda street.”

Al Majaz 3 resident Walid Khan decided not to return home after the Friday prayers due to the power outage. “I received several calls from my roommates so I decided to stay at Abdul Qadir Al Banna Mosque,” he said.

Bushra, who stays in the Qassimiya area, went straight home from the mosque only to find that their building's lift wasn't working due to the outage. “I had to climb the stairs to get to my flat. Luckily, I am only on the fourth floor so it wasn’t too bad but there were others who live on higher floors, who were waiting on the ground.”

Bushra added they have been waiting for more than half an hour for the power to be restored. “The AC was switched on when the power went out so the house is still cool. But if the power will not come back soon, it will be difficult for us, especially because my elderly mother in law lives with us. We might head to my sister-in-law’s house if it goes on for a while.”

Her kids, meanwhile, found ways to keep busy without screens. “My daughter started painting as there was no TV,” she quipped.

Stuck in lifts

Residents of Al Majaz 3 and Al Majaz 2 reported that power had been restored in their buildings. Ateeq Ahmed, resident of City Centre building in Majaz 3, said the power was down for nearly 45 minutes and was restored at 2.05pm.

Some residents, meanwhile, reportedly been stuck inside lifts for several minutes after power went out.


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