Visa expenses in Dubai

Most expats arrive in Dubai after securing employment and don’t have to deal directly with the complicated process.

This is because employers usually take responsibility for the visa application process and incur the costs to get the work permit, while also acting as the sponsor for the visa.

However, there is some discrimination observed when it comes to those who arrive on a visit visa and get an opportunity for an employment. It is learnt that some companies have now started asking the job seeker to bear the expenses towards his/her employment visa.

If someone is not able to he/she is advised to give an undertaking that they have no objection to the visa cost being adjusted against the salary every month.

This is unjustified and unfair because a person comes to the UAE after spending a lot of money on account of his visit visa, air tickets, boarding and lodging expenses and in case he gets an opportunity for a job in the UAE, he is forced to bear the expenses of his employment visa, which is ridiculous.

The authorities are requested to discourage this practice and persuade employers to avoid asking for visa cost from the job seekers.

M. Mumtaz Hussain, by email

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