Travel insurance is a must

Hospitalisation of Anubhav Khanna's father is a shock to visitors like me (Hospital bills cross Dh100,000 for expat as visiting father falls ill; KT, March 24). We feel sorry for the condition and financial situation of Anubhav.
I arrived in Ajman, UAE, with my wife and daughter on March 15 on a visit visa.
And like Anubhav, we too did not buy travel insurance. Until today, I was not even aware of the importance of such an insurance. However, this piece of news has made me conscious. People often spend a lot of time and money before embarking on foreign trips. We buy new clothes, gadgets, but I wonder how many of us invest in a travel insurance. People need to be made aware of the significance of travel insurance.
On behalf of all Indians I sincerely thank the hospital authorities of the UAE who have helped treat Anubhav's father.
- G. Sankaran, India

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