They are not criminals

On the bankruptcy law, I wish there are some changes in the rules for individuals who are finding it difficult to repay debts. Request the authorities to consider increasing debt-to-burden ratio limit to 70% from 50%. Also, individuals should be allowed to consolidate their outstanding liabilities into a single loan through some scheme. Most people are innocent defaulters who have no intention of running away. They are just unable to manage their finances.
- Krishna, Facebook post
This is a very late step. Thousands of business owners have escaped since the end of 2008. This law should have been implemented in 2009. There are ups and downs in any business. This does not mean that if a single cheque bounces you throw the person behind bars. These people are not criminals. They are legitimately running a business.
- Syed Ali, Facebook post
Who will speak for them?
This is with reference to your report on Fujairah labourers who were left in the lurch by their employer. Why do these things happen to these people all the time? It's so sad. They leave behind their families and friends and come to work for a country they don't belong to. Is there anything we can do? Is there any action being taken against the company? Is there a law that can prevent this?
- Disha, Facebook post

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