Pressure starts for Indian school admissions

The Indian school admission system is tragic. I have experienced my child being refused admission and the school assessing the pupil as possibly having attention deficit disorder and it being unable to handle such children.

How can a school diagnose a child in 15 minutes? 
A six-year-old is bound to be 
distracted when in a new environment, surrounded by so many other kids, and with new faces asking questions like: “Why are you here?” The pressure starts here. Schools want only good students.

You can see where the pressure is. At schools at the admission test. Has the Knowledge and Human Development Authority conveyed its reports to the Central Board of Secondary Education in India about the method of teaching and how Indian schools have failed to address or prioritise teaching methods? We as parents are waiting for a reform.

My deepest condolences to the family of the boy who passed away.

A reader, Dubai

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