Kids should be taught life is more precious than anything else

Published: Tue 10 Dec 2019, 7:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 10 Dec 2019, 9:06 PM

News such Suicide suspected as teen falls to death from Sharjah highrise (KT, Dec 8) should be read and shared with young teens to educate them that life is precious. It is not just meant for preparing for board examination or assessments at schools. There are plenty of people who have done well in life despite average academic performances. We must educate kids and show examples of such people around. School assessments might reflect a child's hard work and perseverance but that is nothing more than that, and should not be seen as a barometer for success in life. It is also a warning to parents so that they don't stress their children unnecessarily, and also assure them that they are more dear to family than any grades and marks.
- Azmi Maneesh, KT website
. The recent news of suicide by teenagers in the UAE is pretty disturbing. The fact that the kids belonged to expatriate families should force parents to introspect and find if there are any underlying causes that need to be addressed. Moreover, I think schools should have counsellors that can guide and offer support to children. Parents should also watch the behaviour of their children.
Of the total population of the UAE at about 9.56 million, the nationals are only 11.48 per cent and the rest are from all over the world. Indians and Pakistanis are a major chunk of this pie.
Dubai and Abu Dhabi both have population of more than three million, and yet we don't hear rampant incidents of murder or rape or robberies like we hear from some other countries on a daily basis. That's because the law and order is very strict in the UAE.
The number of suicide cases reflect the lack of attention at the home front. Parents should look into it and be the support their kids are looking for.
-A. S. Mathew, KT website

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