Hype to hope for India

The historic election victory for Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party transforms political landscape of world’s largest democracy.

Modi’s win has given him a long lasting relationship with voters and the legitimacy to hold hardliners at bay. Though the election result has enhanced people’s faith in democracy, there are several major and grave issues that the would-be prime minister has to solve.

Tense neighbouring relations, flagging economic growth, dwindling investment that have to be prioritised. This and other multilateral issues pose a big challenge. Will the charismatic leader, known as a people’s person, prove a beacon of home to the Indians where social, political and cultural change is rapidly going on?

Jayashree Kulkarni, by email

• The Gandhi of modern India has tasted defeat at the hands of Narendra Modi. It is time for the politician to follow the working style of 14th Prime Minister of India. First of all, Modi is not academic to be caved in the office of the prime minister and do his works. Rhetoric is an outdated weapon to be wielded against the opponent and do politicking that way. I believe in Modi to uplift the nation to new heights.

Vijayan S. Kallunad, Dubai

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