Hospitals should be more transparent

Published: Tue 15 Oct 2019, 9:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 15 Oct 2019, 11:24 PM

I agree with the column, Doc, can we have a clean bill of service after one for health? (KT, Oct 14). Glad to see this topic shared. We only receive a bill mentioning the amount paid and not the details of the payment made. And since we all use our insurance, we rarely bother for a detailed bill. But now I do.
I have being overcharged for co-payment at a hospital and the issue was disclosed to me only when I asked for the bill and I was promised a refund, but not as cash, but as wallet credit in my patient account at the hospital and for any later visit. I even asked them for a refund while purchasing my medicines (as I have 10 per cent co-payment), and they disagreed. Now it's been four months now and thankfully I was not required to go back to the hospital and they have not tried to pay my dues.
I wish the authorities take necessary action to protect customer rights while billing at hospitals and pharmacies.
Hira Tauqeer, Dubai

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