Good to see Kourtney moving on and quitting the reality show

Published: Sun 29 Mar 2020, 8:05 PM

Last updated: Sun 29 Mar 2020, 10:06 PM

I am happy that Kourtney Kardarshian took a stand to quit the reality TV show. She has reassessed her life and priorities upon reaching 40 (Kourtney leaves the Kardashians, is she growing up? KT, March 28). She is not chasing money and fame any longer. She has probably understood the perils of living under the glare of cameras. She might be missing being with her kids and spending quality time with them as a single mom.
Kourtney has a dry sense of humour which her sisters do not understand. She has truly contributed a lot to the show by being herself. That alone draws her own fan base. The show continued to be successful without Rob, it can do so now too if it focuses on the direction the individual family lives are taking. Besides, could be a good way to end the show, which I think has run its course.
When I was first drawn in to the show, I did not know who the Kardashians were. I watched them fight, fuss, curse, and disrespect their mother like I've never seen. I was not impressed. I didn't understand why so many people were tuning in to see them. Now, it's 2020 and they are still fighting. I say hooray for Kourtney on positive changes in her life. She will still love her family.

By Rhonda Ellison, KT website

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