Cruelty at work

The fight for the entire Middle East and its soul has just begun.

The beheadings of innocent workers in Libya is an act of total insanity, which is truly revolting. Never in recorded modern history has man gone so berserk in the name of religion.

The world’s major powers are preparing for war. Global politics is now within a system that is based on power and the use of power for supremacy of one nation over the other, for war and the maintenance of peace, for equilibrium within nations and for the changes of leadership both in and between nations. Power is the prime mover and it is also the goal toward which everything in the global strategic arena gravitates. In these conflict zones we find that there exists geopolitical rivalry, and that all the combatants are caught in a classical imperial web of intrigue and expansionism.

The conflicts raging in Iraq, Yemen and Ukraine and Libya, reveal that low intensity warfare has become a global strategic reality. It is evident that a new doctrine or counter-insurgency war plans are now in progress in these war-torn regions. Outright warfare will envelop strategic regions in a fireball of immense proportions. Religious fervour is the firewood that will set the area ablaze. This is the new arc of insanity; the combatants will conduct a scorched earth policy that will decimate the region for many generations.

In the mindset of many strategic analysts, the decisive battle of this new year, and the decade ahead is now unfolding in this low intensity conflict between the West and revolutionary Third World zealots invoking religion to widen the area of conflict and enlarging the arc of crisis.

The most plausible scenario for the future is that a continuous succession of hostage crises, peacekeeping operations, rescue missions, and counter insurgency efforts, will dominate world headlines. War the grim reaper, continues to harvest more innocent lives.

The challenge posed by Third World revolution is politics as much as it is military in nature, low-intensity conflicts cannot be won or even contained by military powers alone. Peace in the Middle East will never be attained; the area is drenched in blood.

The fight for the entire Middle East and its soul has just begun. It will involve all the major powers on a huge scale. Neutrality has ceased to exist, like vultures many nations will be involved in an epic struggle for supremacy.

It is clearly evident that brutal war with no constraints is the ultimate referent of the grounding principle, which ensures modern day politics. It is the grounding principle, which ensures that the enemy can either be neutralised or defeated, it is the basis upon which the suspicion and fear rest, and it is the defence behind which nation states continue existing and competing.

Farouk Araie, by email

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