Nik Mulani on why brands and influencers should not miss the TikTok trend

Published: Sun 31 Oct 2021, 1:16 PM

Last updated: Sun 31 Oct 2021, 1:18 PM

With over 70 million active users, TikTok, which was launched in 2017, is set to become the most popular social media app to date. With dynamic and entertaining content that can be shared over multiple platforms, TikTok's meteoric rise to fame is something that influencers and brands are taking notice of. With the opportunity to truly cultivate niche followings, brands flock to TikTok to share unique content with high reach. It's indeed all about audience development, and Nik Mulani explains why influencers and brands should not miss the TikTok bandwagon at all.

Co-founder of Digital Nod, a multi-service digital media company with an impressive client roster, Mulani has observed the shift TikTok is bringing to the digital landscape. "TikTok has captivated its users on the premise that content can be engaging and community-oriented," said Mulani. "It has pushed the boundaries of typical content strategies revolving around images and captions by offering dynamic short-form video content and essentially putting a face to a name." Users love TikTok because it feels more authentic and increases the quality of social media interactions.

"What we've seen on TikTok is the promise of better results in terms of organic growth," said Mulani. "While its algorithms work similarly to Instagram, it promotes organic growth by endorsing brands that users interact with the most. This helps brands stay in focus of their audience, thus promoting repeated interactions and inspiring cult followings." Mulani believes that brands can capitalise on this by simply putting out great content and letting the app organically do the rest.

TikTok also facilitates connecting with communities more than other social media platforms. "Collaboration is big right now," points out Nik Mulani. "With features like video replies and duets, creators can connect and cross-promote via similar audiences. This extends your reach by promoting content to like-minded individuals."

Video content has always been more engaging, but the TikTok bandwagon proves that content has to be accessible and authentic while simultaneously being easy to deliver. "The TikTok bandwagon is one I recommend jumping on," said Mulani. "Getting in now gives you the ability to grow faster as users are looking for favorites to follow. When you lead the pack, there is lower risk of getting lost in the noise." Based on his experience of working with brands and influencers who are looking to take their content a step further, Mulani advises those hoping to succeed to consider TikTok as it is set to change how we use social media in the future.

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