Mr Mint launches 'SportsMint', a blockchain-powered fantasy sports platform

SportsMint strives to redefine skill-based fantasy sports by making them more transparent, secure, and fair through the use of blockchains

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Published: Tue 30 Apr 2024, 12:16 PM

Mr Mint will introduce the world to SportsMint, a revolutionary blockchain-based fantasy sports platform that amalgamates sophisticated technology with skill-based gaming. It will be followed by the start of its presale on the same day, which will significantly expand the horizons of this kind of entertainment.

SportsMint utilises blockchain as an integral part of its system to make it more user-friendly than any other service available today regarding transparency and fairness while maintaining the utmost security for all participants involved. In simpler words, thanks to integration with distributed ledger technology(DLT), every single move or transaction made within SportsMint becomes trackable (verifying their authenticity), unchangeable (making them tamper-proof), and hence even safer for users.

Main features:

Decentralised Infrastructure

This platform is created on the Binance Smart Chain so that all entries into contests, payouts, or transactions can be stored securely on the chain, ensuring complete visibility across all steps taken during gameplay.

Provably Fair Gameplay

By utilising complex mathematical methods based on cryptography, such as hashing functions, this application guarantees the fairness of each contest, making it impossible to predict the outcome and thus protecting it from being manipulated in any way.

Digital Player Ownership

With this feature enabled, people can buy unique NFTs representing different players, which grants them full control over these characters. This allows for the creation of personalised fantasy teams.

AI-Powered Player Analysis

SportsMint will adopt artificial intelligence to provide data-backed suggestions about the best players to select while playing matches, thereby maximising enjoyment from such activities.

Dynamic Contests

SportsMint offers dynamic contests where users can mature their NFTs by participating in both private and public contests.

SportsMint allows users to get in on the ground floor as part of its revolutionary project. Before the presale, SportsMint will airdrop 700 USDT to users. In addition, during the presale and until the official product launch, SportsMint will distribute 1,000 player NFTs.

This airdrop and distribution of NFTs exemplify how SportsMint wants to engage with its community before it officially launches. You can become an early adopter of this innovative platform by participating in the airdrop and presale, where you also can secure valuable assets.

For information about the airdrop or presale at Sportsmint, please visit

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