Mikail Emre Caliskan: Bixos becomes a super representative in TRON network


Published: Tue 2 Nov 2021, 3:41 PM

Bixos has officially become a 'super representative' in the TRON network, one of the world's largest blockchains.

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Mikail Emre Caliskan, the founder of Bixos said: "We are proud to open our public node in the TRON network, where approximately 2.5 billion transactions are processed daily.”

Caliskan further added, “By clearing the perception of blockchain equals money, Bixos will have a say in blockchain technology fields. In addition to these technologies, we will frequently announce our name in the world as a pioneer in many innovations. We believe that we will be one of the biggest voices in the digital network of the 2030s, and we are working with all our energy and faith in this context.”

Pointing out on the new developments, Caliskan said, “We intend to create a new trend in finance and to be a pioneer in our field. Also, we don't just think in Bixos App-wide, we also lay the groundwork for our new great projects in the future. We have identified the shortcomings in the crypto investment industry and worked to use them in Bixos in the best way. However, our dreams are not limited to this.”

The concept of decentralised finance has opened new horizons by bringing a new voice to the world and even shocking some.

Talking about the same, Caliskan said: “As long as people exist, these innovations will continue to exist. Working with a dedicated team, Bixos will continue to seize opportunities in the blockchain industry and do quality work to make life easier. We fully believe that it will be one of the best preferred brands in the next steps.”

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