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Published: Mon 26 Sep 2022, 6:10 PM

Technology has evolved radically in the last few years. As the world is progressing, Web 3.0 is taking over every industry with cryptocurrency playing a crucial role in varied fields like finance, art and real estate. No wonder, metaverse, NFTs and crypto tokens are different entities which are contributing to the growth of others. Among all these, online gaming have become a centre of attraction with MaziMatic being one of the most talked about works in the digital space.

By Faiz Qureshi

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MaziMatic is the world's first multi-entertainment mixed reality metaverse which is powered by the MaziMatic token. Intending to offer advanced gaming and entertainment, the project has NFT collections and different virtual worlds for endless entertainment like Casinoverse, Partyverse, Adventureverse, Influencerverse, and Tradingfloor. Backed by top-notch experts from the blockchain and fintech industry, MaziMatic promises to offer a one-of-a-kind virtual lifestyle for players.

In addition, the real-life avatars along with real-life gameplay on this platform are infused with mixed reality, thereby making MaziMatic one of the most advanced platforms. With an array of benefits that MaziMatic has to offer, there has been a rise in investors investing in the platform. Besides being a passive mode of income with NFTs, MaziMatic has a comprehensive staking mechanism for users to stake their tokens and earn rewards at regular intervals. As MaziMatic offers an ultimate metaverse experience for its users, the platform has had some fruitful partnerships with Polygon and Saitama.

MaziMatic had joined hands with the ultimate network Polygon (Matic) to ensure that the gas fees do not go out of proportion. It is a known fact that transacting NFTs on ethereum can be expensive because of the increasing gas prices. The gas fees are usually paid to the people who operate the computers that execute the transactions. Therefore, MaziMatic has officially partnered with Polygon (Matic) which also offers marketing and tech support to the users.

Apart from this, MaziMatic has collaborated with Saitama. It is a De-Fi platform that has a holder base of more than 365,000 users. Saitama, a one-stop destination for cryptocurrency aims to make De-Fi simple and safe through its extensive educational programmes. Not to forget, MaziMatic is soon coming up with exclusive NFTs where the utility will directly be connected to the Metaverse.

Other than this, MaziMatic also launched its exclusive NFT sale which was open for 24 hours. In the sale, NFTs from four diverse categories were sold in just a few minutes. The platform is now said to bring a new package of NFTs with distinguished features like buy now pay later (BNPL). This feature allows the users to reserve NFT by paying only 20 per cent of the amount at the start. The rest of the payment can be done in two instalments through their in-house brand ePayme.

Another interesting feature is the Referral NFTs where the users can become referral partners by referring other users to join the MaziMatic platform. The referral partners are entitled to get 10 per cent proceedings from the sales they bring to the table. Bringing the virtual world to reality through digital means, MaziMatic has unarguably become one of the most lucrative projects in the digital ecosystem.

Faiz Qureshi is a Bollywood Producer.

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