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Zara Harrington, Head — Safa British School (SBS)
Zara Harrington, Head — Safa British School (SBS)

The head of Safa British School recently bagged the award for ‘Best Principal in the UAE’

Published: Mon 31 Jan 2022, 12:49 PM

Zara Harrington, the head of Safa British School (SBS), was named the ‘Best Principal in the UAE’ at the SchoolsCompared.com ‘Top School Awards 2021’ recently. Harrington is a primary trained teacher who had previously worked as a headteacher in the UK, before moving to the UAE seven years ago. She has been in charge at Safa British School since 2018.

This is not the first time Harrington has achieved what many would have considered a difficult pursuit. She said that while working in the hotel management industry, she came into contact with pupils and found her true calling. Starting off in 2008, she travelled to India to set up a community school in a slum to find out if she had what it took. She said that her philosophy was that if she could teach with nothing and still make a difference, then she would know that she was in the right profession. And she has never looked back from there.

The results of her dedication and commitment have been clear through the many accolades she received last year. These include winning the 'Principal of The Year Award' and the school winning the 'GESS Education Award' Winner in 2019 and 2021. Under her, Safa British School was also shortlisted for the Diversity category in the International School Awards 2022. The school came in at number four, out of 241 schools across 48 countries. Not only that, in the World’s Scholar Cup taking place at Yale, year seven to nine students from Safa British School also won qualifications in the world rounds.

For people who want to follow her example or want to inspire others, Harrington has a very simple and straightforward message. She said: “For anyone who is aspiring to be a leader, all I tell them is to stay connected with everyone around you, from the cleaners, to the catering staff, to the leaders and teachers. Because I do feel very strongly that human connection is the most powerful tool.”

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