Humanoid robots are easing customer facing jobs with emotional intelligence

The robots can be effective in widening tax awareness by reducing response time

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Published: Mon 1 Aug 2022, 6:56 PM

Over the last three years, there has been an increased need for countermeasures to keep customers safe and lessen human interaction for the businesses. Business and governments around the world are exploring use cases of how, a humanoid robot, optimises administration and addressing growing client needs. ICAI Dubai chapter recently organised an event on the 'World of Robotics', Transform business with Machine learning following the growing need of automation in the UAE.

CA Anurag Chaturvedi, chairman of ICAI Dubai Chapter, and chief executive Andersen in the UAE have stressed that businesses around the world would require adoption to robotics in the business and government functions with high customer interactions. Today robots are not only limited to banking, hospitality, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and government but are also effective in terms of administration, customer service, security and surveillance. He applauded the usage of robots during Expo 2020, Dubai while discussing the case studies of other government department including the use on humanoid robot in interactive training, performing checks at various airports and government departments around the world.

During the event, Chaturvedi had interviewed Sophia, The first intelligent humanoid robot who has the citizenship of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to test her understanding on newly introduced UAE Corporate Tax in the UAE. He also asked a number of questions related to the UAE corporate tax based on the issued public consultation document to Sophia where she answered all questions as per the responses available on the internet in real-time using its intelligence and programmed search.

Sophia also answered few questions out of her emotional intelligence when asked about her marriage, her daily work schedule amongst others reflecting its developing understanding of human behaviour and acceptance in the society.

Dr David Hanson Jr, founder and CEO, Hanson Robotics who designed and build Sophia believes that AI is the way forward for human beings. Hanson explained how AI needs to progress in a modern world. “The future of technology is not merely a matter of manipulating what is known in the world of science into new kinds of products,” he said. “The role of technology is to facilitate human creativity, human betterment and the betterment of life.” And when asked, will robots like Sofia be the key to this betterment? He said maybe as Sophia is maturing everyday learning something new and we are upgrading her social involvement.

Hanson accepts that creating robots with life was a thoughtful disruption. “We know a machine is a robot but when it starts to exhibit aspects of life, real transition and collaboration of machine and human triggers for easing basics of life.

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