How is building an all-in-one blockchain ecosystem


Published: Mon 9 May 2022, 5:34 PM

One of the most impressive things about the blockchain industry so far has been its growth in the last decade. From being only known as the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it has spawned several sub-industries like DeFi, NFT's, and so on.

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On one hand, this means that the blockchain industry is more robust than ever before and that consumers have more avenues through which to enjoy this technology. On the other hand, it also means that the industry could potentially become more fragmented. If a user wants to enjoy DeFi trading and buy NFT's, they are usually having to navigate several platforms and ecosystems to do so. Now, a new blockchain project called BVarb is working to not only offer blockchain lovers innovative services within the industry but to do all these from a single place.

What is

At its core, is a blockchain ecosystem that offers users a plethora of options to buy, sell, hold, and spend cryptocurrency, as well as access different blockchain-based services. First offers its users a digital wallet that can hold many different cryptocurrencies, saving them the trouble of opening multiple crypto wallets.

Using BVarb’s VISA-enabled cards, users can spend their crypto both online and in the real world as easily as they do fiat currency. One of the biggest issues that plague crypto lovers if that it is often hard to spend their crypto with traditional merchants because few of them accept digital tokens. With this new solution, the fiat and crypto worlds are bridged. This bridging of worlds is a constant theme with The company also offers a staking protocol that is pegged on stablecoins. This allows its users to earn interest from their stable tokens in the same way they would with an interest-bearing savings account at a bank.

Additional in its future development, has an NFT marketplace that will trade rare digital assets to its users. Usually, a user would have to sign up on a dedicated platform separate from their wallet provider to buy NFT's. With BVarb’s ecosystem, they can enjoy both from a single place. But perhaps the biggest way that is bridging the crypto and fiat world is through its arbitrage options. Arbitrage is an investment technique that leverages the price differences in multiple markets to maximise profits. BVarb created a unique algorithm that analyses all big datas from a few of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world.

This means that not only do BVarb’s customers get access to the fiat and crypto markets but profit heavily from them. Doing this relies heavily on accurate and fast data from both markets but BVarb’s algorithm does this in mere seconds, so the customer does not have to do any price investigation themselves.

BVarb; Coming soon

BVarb’s slew of features are going to be made available to consumers during its upcoming launch event in the second half of 2022. This even act as not only a launch for the digital wallet itself but also as a learning experience. During the event, users will be able to better understand things like NFT's and the metaverse, aided by practical tools. At this point, the widespread use of cryptocurrency tools cannot be contained but instead, the industry has to adapt to consumer needs. One of the more pressing consumer needs these days is a seamless experience that combines both fiat and crypto. offers consumers all these and more. Not only are there tools like digital asset wallets provided, is also exploring the option of arbitrage as a trading option between fiat and crypto, which is not currently a common concept in the industry. But should BVarb’s efforts be successful, users can truly enjoy a robust crypto experience.

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