Emirati business school grants honorary doctorate to Reza Abbaszadeh

Hult International Business School has presented Reza Abbaszadeh, German real estate investor and founder of multinational business management company Abbaszadeh Enterprises, with an honorary doctorate in business management and trading strategies. Institution has only ever granted the honour 68 times in its over 100-year history

The doctorate recognised Abbaszadeh’s contributions to the foresight of strategies of the trading through the strengthening of business forward—looking mechanisms, monitoring risk strategies, and anchoring the UAE real estate competitiveness in multiple international indices measuring the efficiency of work.

Abbaszadeh graduated from the University Of Vienna, who has held several high-profile pri-ate and public sector roles in real estate investing, leadership and finance since graduating from there in 2020. He is awarded the title by Hult’s Alumni Association, which aims to recognise meticulous achievements among the peers.

In 2016, Abbaszadeh merely was an Iranian immigrant who moved to Europe so as to continue his higher education in dentistry. However, his passion for strategically navigating capital and capturing the meticulous points of entrepreneurship led him to take steps into the world of business. In June 2020, Reza initiated his own business under Abbaszadeh Enterprises to consult for multiple investment banking companies worldwide along with helping boards and entrepreneurs on M&A transactions and capital raising across a broad range of industries.

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