Sakshi Kaushal is a child prodigy who holds the world record for recalling most country capitals in a minute. 69 capital cities in 1 minute – that's more than one capital city per second!

Sakshi is no ordinary 4-year-old. Her thirst for learning started early. At 18 months, she was able to recognise every chess piece on a chessboard. At 2, she could recite coherent stories, complex rhymes, and Sanskrit shlokas (prayer mantras) from the Bhagavad Gita. By 3, she could set up a chessboard without any help.

While she could not join pre-nursery due to Covid-19 restrictions, that wasn’t enough to quell her keen interest in learning new things. YouTube and Facebook became her first teachers where she quickly inculcated what she watched – from good manners to eating habits, she was fully immersed. She is currently in Kindergarten at JSS International School, Dubai where she continues to make waves.

Sakshi’s smarts go beyond capital cities. She’s already mastered multiplication tables from 1 to 17 and is on her way to completing 20. She has learned the value of Pi to 20 decimals. Donning a recycled dress, she recently gave a short speech on Dubai’s Expo 2020 theme on sustainability. She also plays chess having completed a beginner’s course already from the Indian Chess Academy. She is currently associated with Sharjah Ladies Chess Club along with her elder chess champ sister, Khushi.

By nature, Sakshi is shy and reserved but is surprisingly charming and witty once she gets comfortable with those around her.


As of November 2021, Sakshi has memorised over 110 country capitals. Her first video of her recalling 100 capital cities quickly went viral in Dubai and India. She was all over social media platforms and was soon invited to talk on radio shows, TV channels, and was written about in prominent publications in both countries.

Her talent has earned her several accolades.

World Record recognised by World Book of Records, London.

Grand Master Certificate from Asia Book of Records.

A certificate from the India Book of Records.World Record from OMG Book Of Records.

Children's Record from Global Record and Research Foundation – GRRF.

Sakshi is a powerhouse of talent. All her achievements and daily triumphs can be seen on her YouTube channel:

Connect with Sakshi on FB :

Sakshi’s Parents Poonam and Amit Kaushal are striving to bring out the best in Sakshi and fulfil all her quest for knowledge!!!

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