Dr Talal Al-Hijari, CEO of Axia Trade, shares his expert knowledge

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Published: Mon 21 Mar 2022, 12:50 PM

Last updated: Fri 16 Sep 2022, 10:11 AM

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has greatly impacted the global financial market, with many sectors, including online trading, already noticing a plunge. Taking into consideration the highly volatile nature of the market, some prices have started to drop while some have maintained a constant price range. So what's next for crypto and stock trading? To get a clear insight on the market, Dr Talal Al-Hijari, CEO of leading Fintech Company Axia Trade, shares his take on the industry.

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Dr Hijari is a finance expert and one of the leading CEOs in the fintech industry who has managed to give access to thousands of investors from the MENA region into the global markets. Through his company, Axia trade, they are levelling the playing ground by relying on the latest technologies to provide their audience with an easy-to-use platform that is helping them in their trading journey.

Having been in the industry for years, he says one of the reasons he launched Axia trade was to give fellow traders a trusted platform that would guarantee excellent execution and service. Even though online trading is a bit complex and highly volatile, it doesn't mean that you can't succeed, says Dr Hijari. There have been many people who have joined the field and emerged victoriously. Dr Talal notes that it just depends on your determination, focus, and understanding of the market.

Prices in any sector are highly influenced by market trends, and to make a better prediction, you must have a better understanding of the industry. Dr Hijari explains that the fall and rise can be due to various reasons, including political instability, exchange rate fluctuations, and interest rates.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has created a lot of tension in the world and disrupted the global financial market. However, in some markets like the crypto market, the value of cryptocurrencies has dramatically risen in the past few days, with bitcoin ranging between $44,000 and $45,000. According to Dr Talal, this is partly because the Russian and Ukraine currencies have significantly dropped, which has brought about the current surge in demand for cryptocurrencies. To avoid losing their money, many people have invested their finances in digital currencies as they realize that it's more accessible, said Dr Talal.

However, the critical question is whether these digital currencies will continue to rise, says Dr Hijari. He adds that while it is still unclear, the current trend might persist as it will take time for Russia and Ukraine's currencies to regain their value.

Another market change that has been brought about by the Russia-Ukraine war, as explained by Dr Talal, is the rise in the prices of commodities. Over the past few days, the price of oil has risen an all-time high, says Dr Talal. This is due to the White House sanctions against Russia. Other commodities that have also increased in price are gold and wheat.

While it is unclear how long this will go on and how much the crisis will affect the global financial market, to stay ahead in the industry and minimize the losses, Dr Talal advises that you stay up-to-date with the market trends.

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