Arif Patel: UAE-based philanthropist expands charitable efforts on a global scale

Patel's philanthropic efforts have garnered widespread recognition and admiration within his community

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Published: Tue 20 Jun 2023, 6:53 PM

Arif Patel, a business leader turned philanthropist from the UAE, has emerged as a driving force for global charitable initiatives within the Muslim community. Born into a family deeply rooted in business in India, Patel's entrepreneurial journey began with the establishment of the renowned Preston Trading Company. His remarkable achievements in the field of investment led to his recognition as one of the 'Top 10 best Investment Company Executives' in the UK.

With a rich business background spanning over 25 years in real estate and textiles, Patel has transitioned into an investor in UAE-based startups, leveraging his expertise and resources to support emerging businesses focusing on social impact. He is also a visionary philanthropist.

Patel is a well-known philanthropist who has gained immense respect and admiration from his community for his charitable work. He has made significant contributions to various NGOs and has positively impacted the lives of many underprivileged individuals. His philanthropic efforts have not only made a difference locally but have also had a global impact. His dedication to helping others has earned him widespread recognition and appreciation.

Patel's philanthropic efforts have garnered widespread recognition and admiration within his community, from providing essential resources to marginalised classes to empowering women. Some of his efforts include:

Donating an ambulance and distributing food to the Adivasi community of Manickpur:

Demonstrating his dedication to improving healthcare access, he spearheaded an initiative to donate an ambulance to the underserved Adivasi community of Manipur. This invaluable contribution ensures timely medical assistance for those in remote areas. Patel's philanthropic drive also led to the distribution of 300 bags of food, alleviating hunger and providing vital sustenance to the Adivasi community. By addressing both healthcare access and food security, he has made a lasting impact on the community. His efforts provided immediate relief and laid the foundation for sustainable change for the Adivasi community.

Empowering women through sewing machine donations:

Recognising the transformative power of economic empowerment, Patel facilitated the donation of sewing machines to various women's communities in the UAE and India. These machines have enabled women to gain essential skills and pursue self-employment opportunities, fostering independence and financial stability.

Through this initiative, Patel has played a vital role in promoting gender equality and socioeconomic growth. He also invests in various textile-based startups that facilitate these women's individual growth and empowerment.

Funding feedathon in Madagascar and Afghanistan:

In collaboration with the Tayyab Trust, Patel orchestrated a significant feedathon initiative to combat hunger among impoverished children in Madagascar. The joint effort resulted in the provision of 7,500 meals, bringing relief to those most in need. Furthermore, Patel's philanthropic endeavours in Afghanistan included serving 3,000 cooked meals. Additionally, winter relief kits were distributed to help alleviate the challenges posed by the severe cold climate. These kits included essential items such as warm clothing, blankets, and heating supplies, providing much-needed comfort and protection to individuals and families facing harsh winter conditions. By investing in initiatives like the Feedathon, Patel has become a catalyst for change, inspiring others to join the fight against hunger and support vulnerable communities.

Supporting widows through home construction:

With over 40 million widows reported in India, this is one of the most underserved communities which get little or no charitable relief from the government. Apart from facing financial hardships, these widows also face social abandonment. Recognising the challenges faced by widows in West Bengal, Patel took action by funding the construction of a new home for a deserving family. This initiative not only provided shelter but also instilled hope and stability in the lives of those who had experienced loss. Patel's commitment to improving the lives of widows reflects his compassion and dedication to promoting social welfare. He continues to fund housing for widows and education for orphans. He has helped numerous institutions that support widow welfare throughout his career.

Empowering those affected by COVID-19:

Patel stepped up during the Covid-19 pandemic to help those who were struggling to make ends meet. He recognised the devastating impact the pandemic was having on the unskilled workforce and provided vending carts stocked with merchandise to over 1,000 individuals in need. This initiative aimed to assist those who had lost their jobs during the pandemic, enabling them to sustain themselves by engaging in small-scale entrepreneurship. Patel's proactive approach to alleviating the hardships brought about by the pandemic on the uneducated masses helped numerous families generate an income to support their basic needs. His efforts were a shining example of compassion and generosity during a difficult time.

Contributions to children's welfare and healthcare in Dubai:

Patel is a philanthropist who has made a significant impact on children's welfare and healthcare in Dubai. He has focused on empowering women and feeding children, recognising the importance of these aspects in building a brighter future. Additionally, Patel has generously supported the welfare of ailing and sick patients in Dubai hospitals, emphasising his commitment to the community's well-being. Beyond his philanthropic endeavours abroad, Patel's contributions to his local community have made a lasting impact on the lives of many.

With a total donation of Dh100,000, Patel's incredible support has touched countless lives. When asked about his passion for philanthropic efforts, he responds, "As a philanthropist, my purpose is to uplift communities and positively impact society. I firmly believe that giving back is a responsibility and a privilege. Through my charitable endeavours, I want to inspire other entrepreneurs like me to do more. If we pool all our resources, I envision a world where everyone has access to essential resources and opportunities for growth."

Patel serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the impact that compassion and empathy can have on society.

His current plans to mentor and fund startups whose business model is based on improving social impact have garnered attention in the industry. He truly believes that businesses of the future are those who measure social responsibility and impact as a currency for success.

Budding philanthropists and entrepreneurs can get in touch with him on

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