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Ajman University partners with AD Gaming and Unity Technologies

Published: Thu 14 Apr 2022, 12:02 PM

Last updated: Thu 14 Apr 2022, 12:03 PM

The Video game development industry is driving sustainable growth in the UAE’s broader economy. Ajman University has tied up with leaders in the Gaming Industry to offer courses in video game development to its students.

AD Gaming, the initiative driving Abu Dhabi’s fast-growing gaming industry, has signed an agreement with Ajman University and global video game software development company Unity Technologies that saw an initial batch of 13 AU students go through an exciting video game development training course.

During the 10-session programme, students learnt the foundational production and development skills needed to pass the Unity Certified Associate Game Developer exam. Unity’s certifications are among the most sought-after in the industry, providing high proficiency and employability to successful students.

Students will develop their AI, virtual reality, game development and coding skills throughout the workshop, creating a game design document for their game idea before developing a level of their game within the Unity platform. Unity’s game development software is behind more than half of the top 1000 most downloaded games on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

James Hartt, director of strategic initiatives and business development at AD Gaming, said: “The global video game industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, with the Middle East representing the fastest-growing market. As such, we must foster the next generation of video game development talent to properly seize this opportunity and support the long-term economic growth of the UAE.”

He added: “Video game development is a highly-skilled career, with strong demand for Unity-certified professionals. This is why we are proud to be partnering with one of the UAE’s top academic institutions to bring the gaming expertise of Unity to students across the country, enhancing their career prospects within the game development sector.”

Dr Karim Seghir, chancellor of Ajman University, said: “Innovation is one of the key values of Ajman University and this initiative aligns well with our larger vision of contributing to the UAE’s economic growth through education that fulfils the industry’s nascent needs. AU’s talented students, who are already well-attuned to technology, will find this an interesting future career option to explore.”

Hassan Kachach, a third-year computer engineering student, said: “I was always fascinated by how games function and how much work these games require to be developed. I thought it is hard to learn, however, after going through the course, I have realised that anyone can do it if they put enough time and effort. My gratitude to Unity and TwoFour54 for giving us this change, which I will never forget.”

AD Gaming is a collaborative initiative that brings Abu Dhabi’s gaming sector under one roof, allowing for a concerted effort in growing the economically significant sector. The initiative is currently supported by Twofour54, Unity Technologies, Flash Entertainment, UAE Pro League, Emirates Esports Association, the Media Zone Authority, and ATTARIUS Network.

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