Part-time jobs in UAE: Who are opting for them, most in-demand vacancies

As per the new law, employees in the private sector can have part-time, temporary and flexible work contracts


Waheed Abbas

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Published: Sun 7 Aug 2022, 11:27 AM

Last updated: Mon 8 Aug 2022, 11:51 PM

Part-time jobs have been a boon for young mothers and senior professionals who have retired, recruitment consultants have said.

Anjali Samuel, managing partner, Mindfield Resources Consultancy, said most part-time jobs are available in the field of web design, copywriting and accounting.

Starting February 2, 2022, the new UAE labour law has allowed residents to take up part-time work in addition to their main jobs. They can take up a second job without the primary employer’s approval. All they need is a temporary work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Deepa Sud, CEO of Plum Jobs, a Dubai-based HR advisory, executive search and business transformation consultancy, said part-time work tends to be seasonal roles such as hospitality, merchandisers, mystery shoppers or retail. They tend to appeal to students or individuals who are on family sponsorships.

However, according to the expert, such jobs have not gained much traction mainly because people in the region are not used to the model.

“The UAE Government has made part-time visas available but many companies do not find this the most effective cost option as most businesses require full-time employees. Equally, most expats are seeking full-time roles,” said Deepa Sud.

She said most companies hire for full-time roles or intern opportunities, the latter being a cheaper option than hiring an experienced person.

“The part-time job segment is neither growing nor shrinking. It has simply not gained much traction. Most expat workers are seeking full-time jobs and for many, the only way to have any quality of life here is to earn enough to manage living here and send money back to their families. With the rising cost of living, this is becoming more of a challenge for most people,” said Plum Jobs's chief executive.


As per the new law, employees in the private sector can have part-time, temporary and flexible work contracts. In order to avoid employee burnout or employers’ misuse of human resources, the UAE law has placed a threshold of an average of 144 hours in three weeks.

Under another contract for temporary work, people in the UAE can take a part-time job for a specific period or on a project basis that ends with the job’s completion. Moreover, a one-year temporary work permit allows teenagers to obtain a part-time job to shape their skills and prepare for the workplace while they study. Students aged between 15 to 18 years old are eligible for a work permit.

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