Jade Palmer
Jade Palmer

Stay the DFC 2020 course with UAE trainer Jade Palmer

As motivation could be waning, this Dubai PT looks to gee us up for the final DFC push


David Light

Published: Sun 22 Nov 2020, 5:42 PM

Last updated: Sun 22 Nov 2020, 5:48 PM

THIS YEAR’S DUBAI Fitness Challenge may have been completely different, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing any fewer movements. App-based workouts, shipping in a home exercise bike or simply skipping in the lounge, we’ve dedicated a lot of energy to both building up our stamina and apologising to the downstairs neighbours.

As regular as clockwork, however, when the end of the 30-day experiment looms into view, the last few days seem to somehow stretch and the motivation to give it our all begins to fade. This is where UAE personal trainer and fitness brand ambassador Jade Palmer comes in. She’s going to share a few words on how we can push on through to completion.

Often the difficult part is not beginning a new exercise regime, but sticking to it. How do you convince your clients to keep going when they want to give up?

It's all about keeping the programme fresh and exciting. There will be some days that are harder than others, but when there is a clear goal or your "why" is strong, it'll fuel your journey. Remember your “why”. It’s often to lose weight and you will. The aim is to avoid fatigue and create a safe space for people to have fun while hitting their fitness goals.

Now we're almost through DFC do you think people should be altering their approach in any way to keep it fresh or dialing up the intensity?

This month is a great time to reignite the flame if you slipped off your wellness game. The amount of classes and programmes that are out there, some free of charge, is amazing and people should jump on the opportunity to get access to places they may not have otherwise considered before. Individually we know our bodies best, so mixing up your training schedule this month might be of benefit to you and your fitness goals now and for future.

Is there any tech you can recommend to keep us on track?

I love seeing what my body is doing, so seeing the numbers and trying to improve those each week is great whether it’s pre, during, and post-session. The fact that I can check my blood oxygen levels on my Apple watch series 6 for example is insane. Getting to link up to my community’s watches also adds some healthy competition in session. It’s such a motivation. Sleep tracking also helps me stick to a certain sleeping window through reminders.

How does Dubai rate in terms of facilities and help for people to get in shape? Is it a healthy city?

Dubai in general is a clean and healthy city. It has been like that throughout my time here but to ensure this continues it is up to everyone to play their part to keep it evolving in the right direction. I'm a big believer in the saying 'sharing is caring', so if you're living well/eating well, or have access to information to improve your well-being then you have the responsibility from your platforms to share and help others live well too.

Who are your fitness inspirations and why these particular individuals?

The WORKOUTWENTVIRAL community this year has been the biggest inspiration. During such uncertain times, these guys made it a priority to move, stay healthy, all whilst supporting each other from their homes. These guys take on anything we throw at them, even 12 hours of burpees for charity.

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