Keeping fit with Aishwarya

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Keeping fit with Aishwarya
Aishwarya Ajit Gordon

Dubai - Television personality and makeup expert Aishwarya Ajit Gordon shares her top tips for leading a healthy lifestyle in Dubai

By Ambica Sachin

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Published: Sat 16 Apr 2016, 8:25 PM

Last updated: Tue 19 Apr 2016, 11:43 AM

As a child, I was always petite... Growing up, I used to be conscious of what I eat and drink. In my early twenties it was easier to lose weight. I could get away with eating whatever I wanted and shed weight soon after. It gets harder when you get older. Today, I am the heaviest that I have ever been! I try to watch what I eat and try different workout regimes to keep fit. Being a TV personality, it becomes important to look your best at all times.
Life is all about maintaining a balance... Due to the nature of my work, I get invited almost every week to different launches and events. I am blessed to be able to try out different restaurant and menus. It becomes very hard to watch your diet when you are in this line of work. I try to moderate the portion size and go for healthier options on the menu. When I am not out, I cook my own meal like salmon, chicken, salad. Maintaining a balance between the two is very important. When I know I had a lot of cheat meals in the same week, I try and workout more at the gym! I enjoy working out as it also helps me stay focused and makes me feel stronger.
A person I look up to in terms of fitness... Andreea Wright from Strength, Al Quoz, is absolutely inspiring. She is well toned and ripped! She is extremely fit and strong that she actually managed to carry me effortlessly!
Another inspiration is the PoleFit instructor Vlada Zhizhchenko. She is a professional aerialist and pole fitness instructor. Seeing her suspend herself from the roof on a silk cloth is inspiring! It is fascinating to see her being so sensuous and yet so powerful.
Make the right choice... Dubai is filled with an amazing range of food options and tempting international food chains. Take away food is easily accessible and affordable. Today, you can get any cuisine delivered to your doorstep in 45 minutes. Life has become so convenient that it becomes very difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle. Here in Dubai, it is cheaper to eat from out than most countries.
At the end, it all comes down to disciple and will power. It is about the choices we make in life. It all depends on whether we choose a Mac and cheese or Ceasers salad without dressing!
Fitness to me is...more of a lifestyle choice. My TV show, Body and Mind promotes healthy living and wellness. Through the show, I have learned a lot more about health and nutrition. Popular myths have been busted on the show by dieticians and nutritionists. I am more conscious about what I eat after I started shooting for the show.
I will never take to... swimming. I suffer from mild claustrophobia, so I am not comfortable being underwater and hence swimming is something I might not try again.
A celebrity I look up to... is Madonna. The pop icon is 57 and looks fantastic! She is an absolute diva. If I looked anything close to that in my 50s, I would consider myself blessed!
My favourite fitness activity... is Cardio based group class like Dancing (DANS), Body Attack, CrossFit (CrossFit Sands)
My cheat meal would be.. Awwhh.. Where do I start! If I had to choose one dish it would be the Spicy Mexican Fettucine. From California Pizza Kitchen. I simply love it!

Current fitness routine
I do not stick to any one particular fitness regime. I like to try different types of workouts every week so that my body doesn't get immune to one and this also keeps me from getting bored! I like to mix different workout classes. I love yoga, boot camp classes and Pilates. I tried CrossFit for the first time and I recommend it to those who enjoy intense workout regimes. I also had the opportunity to try out PoleFit classes. This is a new favourite! The class was fun, sensuous and completely different from any other class I have been to.

A day in Aishwarya's Life

I wake up at 7am unless I have a shoot. I start my day with a glass of warm water and lime. This helps detoxify and also helps my skin feel good. I follow with a cup of green tea and a fruit.
I usually have my breakfast a little late so that I am not hungry until lunch time. I usually have a boiled egg along with an apple or some grapes. I even try out fitness cereals like flavoured muesli with milk or yogurt. I don't snack between my breakfast and lunch so I try to keep myself full until lunch. I try and ensure I have a good breakfast considering I need the strength to run around all day!
If I am home, I cook myself a grilled salmon. This is prepared by marinating salmon with lemon, crushed pepper, salt and paprika with a dash of olive oil. I pan fry or bake it. I have this along with rocket salad, tomato, balsamic vinegar or olive oil. I also like mushrooms on the side. This is what I usually have two or three times a week for lunch. I switch salmon with lean meat or chicken.
I love my green tea along with some almonds or digestive biscuits.
I head to the gym or group class in the evenings. I try and work out minimum four times a week. Some weeks are so hectic that I try and incorporate my workout on weekends.
I prepare a batch of lentil soup like red lentil or dal. This helps me going for a few days of the week. I also prepare salads at home with less dressing. I also prepare quinoa rice and grilled chicken at times. I try and avoid carbs in the night. This just helps me sleep better and be fresh the next day.
If I am out during lunch or dinner, I opt for lean meat, fish, grilled chicken along with some salad. I love healthy carbs like Guacamole or hummus.(

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