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Dubai - As the pandemic hit, many of us devoted our hearts to deep breathing, to merely connecting with ourselves. We altered our schedules and spaces to make space for a meditation room. What makes up as meditation essentials and how/why do we need one in 2021?


Purva Grover

Published: Sun 7 Mar 2021, 9:28 AM

We all have a favourite corner in our home. That one spot where we enjoy our first cup of tea, where we cuddle up with a book, or the one where we rest our weary head each night. Not long ago, these corners were made up of books, cosy blankets, favourite China, and remote controls (hello, streaming) even. In 2021, a new corner is taking shape in our homes. Whilst we never thought that we'd devote just a corner to a meditation space, we’re now wholeheartedly turning up rooms into mindful spaces.

“Dedicating a meditation space in your home is the first step to committing to mindfulness practice. A space which reminds you to take a few moments each day to yourself. Exactly how this space looks is personal. The important thing to make it a relaxing place that you enjoy being in,” says Rachel Dowes, co-founder, Beyond Wellness, Abu Dhabi. Rachel is also a clinical hypnotherapist, psychologist, wellness coach, and a meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Heba Alayyan, owner and founder, Heba's Closet, a local boutique, which stocks meditation essentials, stresses that meditation during the pandemic is no longer an option, but a must. She says, “The pandemic affected our lives, natural behavior, connection with nature, beauty, human beings and art. Because of the toll that 2020 has taken on our mental health, it’s important that we take the time to meditate and invest in the essential items that enhance our meditation space."

So, how do we start to build such a space? Nancy Zabaneh, a Kundalini yoga guru, human relations coach, inquirist therapist and motivational speaker suggests that you start with creating an altar in your quiet space. “Set up a table or a shelf with objects that have spiritual meaning for you, like a photograph, say pictures of your loved ones– anything that helps you relax and feel connected to your soul identity. Spend time every day at your altar meditating, praying, chanting, feeling gratitude or just sitting silently.”

Rachel adds how many of her clients find burning candles and incense helps set the mood. She recommends buying a meditation cushion. “You may prefer to sit cross-legged on the floor, but a good cushion can save you from back pain and a sore tailbone,” she adds.

Stuff to consider for your meditation space:

Lumeyo yoga mats: Handwoven by ladies living in Petra, Jordan. At:

Room diffusers and candles: Fragrance to help to turn one’s home into a serene oasis. At:

Recycled journals: Writing as a practice allows us to connect with ourselves. At:

Diffuser: A fern amber aroma diffuser to create a sense of inner balance. At:

Bracelets and rosaries: Made from healing stones, they emit positive vibrations. At:

Cotton Potpourri Mix: In a bowl, to envelope the room in an aroma. At:

"A meditation essential can be any element like a notebook, yoga mat, etc. that contributes towards your experience. I believe that any soulful, natural, hand-made or overall, ethically made item that you wear/ utilise can bring more positive energy to the space, exercise and overall inner peace. I urge people to not only look for the item in question but enquire about its origin.”

Heba Alayyan, owner and founder, Heba's Closet, a local boutique, which stocks meditation essentials

“Start by clearing yourself some room. It's hard to concentrate if you're surrounded by mess or distraction. If the sound of your neighbours, traffic or other outdoor noise makes it hard to concentrate, listen to a white-noise track. There are many free white-noise apps online or you may also want to listen to some meditative music.”

Rachel Dowes, co-founder, Beyond Wellness. Rachel is also a clinical hypnotherapist, psychologist, wellness coach, and a meditation and mindfulness teacher

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