Caught in The Act at Shangri-La Dubai

Caught in The Act at Shangri-La Dubai

The Shangri-La Dubai restaurant’s chef tells us what to expect from The Act’s menu

Shangri-La Dubai restaurant’s chefThe Act Dubai is mostly known for its circus-like atmosphere as well as dinner shows, what’s it like cooking there?

The Act Dubai is well known for the club atmosphere but is also famous for being the first Peruvian restaurant in UAE and for showcasing unique dinner shows throughout the week; that is the best part of cooking here. People usually come attracted by the dinner show or the nightlife and then they discover the cuisine here, and then they come back again and again for the food. 

Does the menu reflect the atmosphere the place is renowned for?

Yes it does, I try to create a kind of show on the table with the food to complement the theatrical performances. 

What recipe would you suggest for a novice chef trying to get into cooking?

The ceviche clasico is what Peruvian cuisine is well known for, and is very easy to prepare and also super healthy. All you need is white fish like sea bream, lime, chili, onion, and some herbs. 

What are your thoughts on the UAE’s culinary scene?

Dubai as a city is getting in the most important culinary destinations. Chefs and restaurateurs need to be careful and go deep in details and flavors otherwise they won’t grow in the right direction. 

Where is your favourite place to eat and what would you order?

Gaucho in DIFC and I always order the churrasco with chimichurri, it’s really good. 

What does The Act Dubai offer that other restaurants can’t match?

We are the only restaurant offering a dinner show in Dubai which changes every few weeks and is directed by our in-house creative team as well as the first restaurant to offer authentic Peruvian cuisine.

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