How to reset your sleep patterns

Rejuvenate your body and mind by setting positive habits this Ramadan

By Mishana Khot

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Young couple making their bed
Young couple making their bed

Published: Fri 15 Apr 2022, 2:05 PM

Ramadan brings a shift of habits, timings, and routines that help reset our lives and remind us of what’s truly important. It’s also a time to introspect and reflect on our lifestyle habits for the entire year. Across centuries, fasting has been proven to have numerous benefits that nourish the body, mind, and spirit connection. By resetting our sleep patterns, you can further enhance the benefits of fasting.

It is said your day begins the night before. By the simple act of resetting your sleep patterns, you can look forward to a heathier, happier, and more productive day ahead. All you need is some simple but effective changes:

Try mind-fasting: When you fast, your body detoxes and cleanses itself of the impurities. Fasting allows your body to heal, build immunity, and rejuvenate itself. Mind fasting does exactly this, but for your mind. It’s like creating a mental clean slate, or a ‘factory reset’ that calms your mind from all the burnout and over-stimulation we often subject ourselves to in our daily routine. Mind-fasting can be practised by simply eliminating external stimulation of the mind. You will notice how quickly it can alleviate stress and anxiety and help you achieve calmness and clarity from within, giving you the deepest and most refreshing sleep experience.

Eat right: It can be challenging to regulate cravings when we’re fasting all day, every day. But it can be even harder to sleep well if you’re making unhealthy choices during your meals. Choose light and nourishing meals, and beverages that provide hydration for hours, and go easy on spicy or oily foods, and heavy meals just before bedtime, which pressurise your digestive process and disrupt deep sleep.

Purify your bedspace: It’s hard to have a good night’s sleep when your bedspace is not at its comforting best. We all know the bliss of slipping into the soft luxury of a hotel bed, why not replicate that in your own home? When you change to breathable, light bed linens, you’ll go to sleep feeling virtuous and supremely comfortable. We recommend pure cotton bedding sets and duvet cover sets that are airy and soft for all seasons.

Aim for at least six to eight hours of sleep, and take a short nap in the afternoon, just to help you power through the hours before iftar. Whether you are sleeping or simply lounging by your bedside, keep your bedspace welcoming with natural bedding and light, soothing whites in pure cotton. You’ll always be able to retire to a sanctuary of peace and quiet.

Get some light exercise: You may not be able to fit in rigorous exercise due to fasting or changes in timings during Ramadan, and that’s okay. Just make sure to go for a simple walk to keep your blood circulation intact and get some fresh air. Moderate exercise will help release your body of toxins and enhance restful sleep.

Set me-time: Do you wake up and scroll social media aimlessly? Do you keep a check on your personal screen time? Or find yourself overthinking things that you have no control over? If you know your habits are affecting your mental health, you can start planning how to change them. Make space to spend time with your thoughts, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

Aim for balance: The most important aspect of establishing a positive mind-body-spirit connection through sleep and daily routines is by creating balance. This means even after we complete our fasting phase, we need to continue pursuing habits that promote enough sleep, a balanced diet, a fair work-life routine, moderate exercise, and time for spirituality.

While we take the effort to observe Ramadan rituals for our spiritual health, it’s important to look after our physical and mental wellbeing — and spread all the positive energy by connecting with family and friends throughout this holy month. Ramadan Kareem to all.

Mishana Khot is the brand strategist at, managing consumer insights and lifestyle collaborations.

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