Dubai-based couple fight fat with lifestyle change

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Dubai-based couple fight fat with lifestyle change

Dubai - Together, they've managed to drop nearly 100kg!

By Ankita Chaturvedi

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Published: Fri 29 Jul 2016, 11:26 PM

Last updated: Sat 30 Jul 2016, 1:23 AM

For Indian couple Archana and Jose, the biggest problem in life was, well... being big. Suffering from obesity, the duo decided to do away with their poor lifestyle habits and get into shape for health reasons. Archana weighed 120kg and Jose, 107kg when they started their journey of fitness.
Two years, strong willpower, much patience and dedication later, they've managed to drop a solid 57 and 28kg respectively.
Archana, for one, is a self-confessed gulab jamoon (Indian sweet) lover. She recalls: "Two years ago, Jose was diagnosed with diabetes and blood pressure. We were alarmed when the doctors told us that being fat was the main reason for all these problems. Fat since I was a teenager, I barely walked or exercised, but Jose put on weight after moving to Dubai. In fact, when we got married six years ago, we could hardly fit into a photo together!
"But when Jose became diabetic, we got tough on ourselves and started keeping our health in check. With the help of different fitness apps and healthier food variants, we managed to lose 3-4kg at a time in the beginning, and it went on till we got the desired results."
Jose added: "Archana couldn't even walk for 100 metres at one go, but now she can walk, jog and run, too. We also incorporated healthy recipes like brown rice biryani (no ghee and skimmed yoghurt) in our cooking. Today, she weighs 63kg and I am 79kg, all without consulting any nutritionist or fitness trainers. We feel more confident and have a stronger respect for each other now. We also enjoy shopping now, as we get our clothing sizes easily."
Dr Nirmala Nayagam, a diabetologist and witness to Archana and Jose's fitness journey, said: "I am happy that the couple achieved their target. Their efforts in cutting down on junk food, soft drinks and other high-calorie food have paid off. Also, a healthy lifestyle comprising seven hours of sleep, adequate water intake, physical activity and nutritious diet has helped them lose weight naturally."
Obesity, a lifestyle condition, is one of major health problems in the world, leading to severe medical issues. While losing weight is important, it's more important to lose it the natural way.
Nutritionist and trainer Andy Harper thinks going natural is the only effective way to lose weight, because one makes the lifestyle commitments required to keep the weight off and live in a healthy manner. There is no medicine proven to facilitate weight loss. Being fit not only helps one lose weight, but also look better, feel better, get better skin and hair, be more energetic and lead a more focused life.
"One should never follow a diet. A diet is a one-time thing, but what's needed is a full-time, lifetime commitment to being healthy. Just indulge in moderation," Harper said.

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