Refrain from sugar for healthy skin

Refrain from sugar for healthy skin
It's SugarThe most popular sweet spot is bringing the latest in treats for celebrity guests to enjoy. The American phenomenon It's Sugar is the brainchild of Jeff Rubin, considered throughout the candy world as one of its greatest retail innovators, and often refers to himself as 'The Chief Gummy Bear'.

Many are seen eating sugar items whole-heartedly when something goes wrong. It is one of the biggest food mistakes to be avoided if you wish to have healthy skin.


Published: Mon 16 Dec 2013, 11:23 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 12:27 PM shares some food mistakes:

- Eating too much sugar-based food items: A bad day for most of us means consuming ice cream or something sweet. But this choice might just make your bad day even worse, if you take note of what’s happening to your skin. Foods with added sugars increase your blood sugar and cause chronic inflammation in the body, which damages your collagen.

- Eating excess of starchy foods: Starches like white bread, pasta and white rice cause rapid spikes in blood sugar, which leads to inflammation in the body. This process produces enzymes that break down collagen, giving you sagging skin and wrinkles.

- Forgetting to count beverages: Just like in food, sugar found in liquids can contribute to premature ageing, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions, especially since sugar in beverages like juice and soda are absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly.

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