UAE citizenship for expats: Citizens of the world


Such an economic rebound needs the right kind of professionals and investment.

Published: Sat 30 Jan 2021, 11:23 PM

The UAE’s decision to amend the citizenship law to include scientists, investors, doctors, educators and artists is a culmination of visa reforms begun two years ago. For a country on the cusp of what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this development will ensure it attracts the best global talent, more so during the pandemic when the world has taken a virtual leap, with health in focus even as economies shutter and recover after a dismal 2020.

Such an economic rebound needs the right kind of professionals and investment. This change in the UAE Citizenship Law opens the door wider to people from all nationalities to get involved and embrace the UAE success story and make it their own. It is inclusive and could be a gamechanger when the pace of growth picks up after vaccines deliver in the fight against the coronavirus that has wrecked lives all over the world.The UAE, while not being immune to the damage caused by the virus, has been quick to seize the opportunity to rise and build again. It has been resilient during the worst of times and sees opportunity when other countries see gloom. “Build, and they will come,” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, once said.

Indeed, the UAE has built the infrastructure for industry to flourish and people to prosper. It has grown to become an industrious and tolerant nation that has welcomed people from over 200 nationalities. It is a powerful soft power that sees immense wealth in diversity as it embarks on this new journey with people from all over the world. The visa reforms that began with10-year golden visas, retirement visas and remote working visas two years ago, were the beginning of what is set to become an exciting phase in nation-building.

With the change in citizenship laws, specialists from different fields, and creative geniuses, will be nominated by the government and may retain their original citizenship if they wish to do so. This change in citizenship law is in sync with the country’s economic diversification programme begun five years ago. It signals that UAE society is keeping pace with the times, is diverse and will develop and deliver innovative ideas and solutions for the country and the global community.

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