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Usman Jazba aka Rocky opens up on his skills in creating the biggest talents and being a music mogul

By Anam LKhan

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Published: Thu 28 Jul 2022, 8:48 AM

Last updated: Thu 28 Jul 2022, 8:55 AM

Charles Bukowski, the famous American author once said, ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’. It means finding fulfillment in doing something one loves. This sort of contentment leads to results that are well worth the effort. Finding something that drives one’s passion and then staying true to that passion, no matter the hardships and difficulties along the way is truly an inspiring way to live. Not many can claim to have taken this road, which is less travelled because it demands dedication and commitment, ingredients that only a really devoted person possesses.

Usman Jazba is one such person who fits the bill perfectly. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Jazba completed his schooling and college in Al Dammam. Fondly known as Rocky, his friends also call him Jazba, which translates to passion. Proudly calling himself a multitasker, Jazba describes his personality as one.

He said: “I have several roles attached to my name — entrepreneur, actor and producer. I live my life to the fullest and owe every single bit to it. Hence, I always try to evolve. I am an entrepreneur as I handle various businesses. You can call me an actor because I guide my actors through the shoots, and a music producer as well because I believe I have a good sense of music.”

“I was always like this, and my passion is multitasking. I used to do many jobs, and activities and people used to say where do you get this jazba from? This is how I got the name. And whenever I used to get any task, I would dedicate myself to completing it. For me, saying no is very hard, and that’s how the impression of ‘Mr impossible’ came to being,” he added.

Starting his journey in Dubai as a banker for 12 years, Jazba picked his zeal for acting and modelling and appeared in two television drama series. Given his knack for good music, he even performed as a singer on stage. Jazba has also been associated with a few big brands since his modelling days. Not just this but he is also known for being socially responsible. To spread awareness about breast cancer, he has organised an event called Pinklicious.

Speaking about his inspiration, Jazba added: “Surround yourself with those who inspire you, so you can inspire others. This has helped me to keep going and creating.”

Talking about his association with Dubai, Jazba fondly says: “Dubai is my home, and I try to represent it at whatever level I can through my work.”

Dubai has a long track record of supporting new and upcoming artists, musicians and creatives through major initiatives. Jazba noted that Dubai is one of the most diversified cities in the world as it has people from all around the globe. “I have seen the whole world through this city’s lens. It welcomes all sorts of culture, and music is highly recognised here, there is no language barrier, just pure acceptance towards music.”

Touted as the brand ambassador of the music industry in Dubai, Jazba feels proud of it. “It’s a dream of many to be regarded this high in this field of work. I feel overwhelmed with all the fondness and love people show me. I could have gone and shot at large canvases or locations that can take your breath away, but I choose Dubai because it is my first home and taking this city, its culture and its mind-blowing locations and showing them to the world is my aim. I feel when you are in Dubai, it teaches you to interact and adopt many cultures, makes you understand the world’s best infrastructure and most importantly, promotes peace and harmony, which you will not find anywhere else in the world.”

Speaking about his futuristic ventures, Jazba said: “We just finished our biggest collaboration with the legend of India Yo Yo Honey Singh and US artist Lil Pump. The next collaboration is with Jason Derulo, Urvashi Rautela, Harnoor and Erica Fernandes. Many big collaborations and some amazing projects are in the pipeline.”

Behind every successful show, there is a hard-working team and the same applies to Jazba’s team. “Among the core team, we have DJ Shadow, ace movie producer Gaurang Doshi, Jaspreet, Sanjam from Rompefy and Pushkar, who is a well-known advocate,” he said.

Jazba further added: “Working with DJ Shadow is lovely. We have known each other for almost 15 years, and we always used to dream big. We always wanted to take music to the next level. I don’t find him to be just a music producer, he is a visionary like me, and we understand each other without uttering a word. We talk about music and the latest tunes and how to blend with various cultures and themes daily. He is inspirational in the music industry. Having Doshi on board was the cherry on top. Someone who inspired many in past, and doing it more and more with each passing day. He is inspiring and his way of looking at cinema and music is just outstanding. We are brothers and you can call us a duo or jodi, which only aims to deliver the best to the audience because whatever we are doing is for the fans and people out there. Bringing a smile to everyone’s face is the goal, and we always ensure that with our plans we will be able to do many more.”

Lastly, he inspires us with his success mantra. Jazba concluded by saying: “One quote that has imprinted on my soul is: ‘If you believe in yourself there is nothing that can stop you’. It has worked well, seeing where I am today and where I am heading.”

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