Adipurush: How the cast of India’s iconic Ramayan TV series reacted to the film

The leading stars of the 1980s' series criticise the movie as Hollywood's cartoon

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Poster of 'Adipurush'. — PTI
Poster of 'Adipurush'. — PTI

Published: Sat 24 Jun 2023, 6:00 AM

Bollywood film Adipurush, which is based on the epic Ramayana, has managed to grab headlines since its release last week, but it has been mired in one controversy after another even before it hit the theatres.

Adipurush, which features Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan in lead roles, has been trending on social media for various reasons. From vapid VFX and poor dialogues to the misrepresentation of some characters from the epic, film reviewers and audiences alike have expressed their disappointment with the Om Raut directorial.

The adaptation has also put the spotlight on the earlier cinematic and televised versions of the Ramayana. Now, members of the star cast of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan – an iconic television show in the late 1980s – have reacted to the backlash against Adipurush.

Dipika Chikhlia

Dipika Chikhlia. — PTI file
Dipika Chikhlia. — PTI file

Dipika Chikhlia, who became a household name in India with her role as Sita in the TV series, has said deviance from the epic is bound to be met with criticism. Dipika Chikhlia told PTI: “Every time it is going to come back on screen, be it for TV or movie, it is going to have something, which is going to hurt people because you are not going to make a replica of the Ramayan that we made. (But) what really pains me is why are we constantly trying to make Ramayana every year or two years.”

The actress said that Ramayana is not for entertainment value; instead, it is a book, which has been “passed down to us by generations and this is what our sanskars (values) are all about".

Arun Govil

Arun Govil. — PTI file
Arun Govil. — PTI file

Arun Govil, still remembered for his work as Lord Ram in the show, has called the movie “Hollywood ki cartoon”. In an interview with ABP, Arun Govil said: “What was wrong with the depiction we have all known and loved for all these years? What was the need to change things? Perhaps the team doesn’t have proper faith in Lord Ram and Sita, and that is why they made these changes.”


The actor revealed that though he hasn’t watched Adipurush, he shared his suggestions after watching the teaser.

Sunil Lahri

Sunil Lahri watched Adipurush and shared a video to express his disappointment. The actor, who played Lakshman in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, raised several questions via an Instagram post such as why Raavan would ride a gigantic bat instead of his Pushpak Vimaan (a flying chariot) and why Hanuman speak ‘a pedestrian language’? Sunil Lahiri called the dialogues of Adipurush “bekaar (poor)”. He said that the makers should feel sorry for serving this to the audience and hurting their sentiments.

Late actors Dara Singh and Arvind Trivedi played the roles of Hanuman and Ravan in the old TV series.

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