Dubai students list out weirdest, coolest study tips

From gorging on noodles to learning theory like a song, pupils reveal their whacky studying routines


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Wed 15 Jun 2022, 4:13 PM

Last updated: Wed 15 Jun 2022, 4:17 PM

In a humorous tweet shared by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the Emirate’s education regulator invited students to share some study hacks through their posts.

The KHDA asked pupils to come up with their weirdest study tips, and they came up with several suggestions, from innovative to whacky ones.

Some of them suggested having a 'happy meal' before studying while others said they explain concepts to their teddy to understand the topic better.

KHDA tweeted, “Do you do any of these? Do have your own weird tips to add?”

They also shared their ideas on the social networking platform.

Some said, “Study in the night while everyone is asleep...with some Maggi (noodles). Studying with people I don't like, so, I have to be better than them so I study fast and I understand.”

Pupils also opined “study the theory like a poem or song.”

A few others averred, “take a break, go play some basketball or just take a small nap or just go study with nature.”

Children came up with exciting suggestions like, “I teach Math and Physics to the air. It helps me learn better as I'm explaining it in my own words.”

Some came up with recommendations like, “have a cold shower so you don't sleep in exam.”

While others thought teaching a subject to a soft toy could enable better learning.

A student wrote, “explain the concepts to the teddy. If you can explain it, it means you’ve understood yourself.”

Another one opined on why he/she refused to take a morning shower.

“I never took bath in the morning as I always thought that it would wipe off all.”

While history can be a difficult subject for many students, some study in the bathroom, ”I used to memorise history in the toilet,” said a student.

“Always have a happy meal before you start revision,” was an advice. The child added, “Happy meal means happy brain.”

Enjoying a snack while one is studying to spamming teachers with questions and doubts were some other ideas that floated as responses on the social networking platform.


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